C. Van GODBOLD, V.A. SANKARAN, J.L. HUDGINS, "Novel designs in power modules", 1995
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Article : [SHEET341]

Titre : C. Van GODBOLD, V.A. SANKARAN, J.L. HUDGINS, Novel designs in power modules, 1995

Cité dans : [CONF017] IAS, World Conference on Industrial Applications of Electrical Energy, octobre 2003.
Cité dans :[SHEET321]
Auteur : Van Godbold, C.
Auteur : Sankaran, V.A.
Auteur : Hudgins, J.L. - Dept. of Electr. Eng., South Carolina Univ., Columbia, SC, USA

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Lien : SHEET321.HTM#Bibliographie - référence [13].
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Source : Industry Applications Conference, 1995. Thirtieth IAS Annual Meeting, IAS'95., Conference Record of the 1995 IEEE
Pages : 911 - 915
Date : 8-12 Oct. 1995
Volume : 1
ISBN : 0-7803-3008-0
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 95CH35862 - Total Pages : 3 vol. xxxvii+2765
Accession_Number : 5155171

Abstract :
This work is a brief comparison of the three different packaging
technologies used in present-day power modules. Flux plots are
used to diagnose the thermal problems of existing designs and to
give credence to the superiority of the novel designs. The
designs presented here make better thermal use of the materials
in the power module stack to achieve better performance.

Subject_terms :
power integrated circuits; integrated circuit packaging; design
engineering; heat sinks; thermal analysis; power modules;
packaging technologies; flux plots; thermal diagnoses; designs;



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