Elsevier Science, "Microelectronics Reliability", Volume 41, Issues 9-10, Pages 1273-1736, September - October 2001.
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Titre : Elsevier Science, Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 41, Issues 9-10, Pages 1273-1736, September - October 2001.

Cité dans : [DATA197] Les revues Microelectronics Reliability et Microelectronics Journal, ELSEVIER, décembre 2004.
Cité dans : [CONF016] ESREF, European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis et Microelectronics and Reliability, décembre 2005.
Cité dans : [DATA227] ESREF'2001, 12th European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis, Arcachon, France , 1-5 octobre 2001.
Auteur : Elsevier Science

Volume : 41, Issues 9-10,
Pages : 1273 - 1736
Date : September - October 2001

[1] : Full-Chip Reliability Simulation for VDSM Integrated Circuits, Pages 1273-1278
Lifeng Wu and Zhihong Liu
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (436 K)

[2] : Reliability improvements in passive components, Pages 1279-1288
Per-Olof Fägerholt
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (689 K)

[3] : An Extrapolation Model for Lifetime Prediction for Off-State ¯ Degradation of MOS-FETs, Pages 1289-1293
A. Muehlhoff
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (235 K)

[4] : Determination of Dielectric Breakdown Weibull Distribution Parameters Confidence Bounds for Accurate Ultrathin Oxide Reliability Predictions, Pages 1295-1300
F. Monsieur, E. Vincent, D. Roy, S. Bruyere, G. Pananakakis and G. Ghibaudo
Lien : private/MONSIEUR.pdf - Format-PDF (375 K)

  [1] :  [PAP376]  F. MONSIEUR, E. VINCENT, D. ROY, S. BRUYERE, G.PANANAKAKIS, G. GHIBAUDO, Determination of dielectric breakdown Weibull distribution parameters confidence bounds for accurate ultrathin oxide reliability predictions, ESREF'2001, pp. 1295-1300.

[5] : Analysis of retention tail distribution induced by scaled shallow trench isolation for high densityDRAMs, Pages 1301-1305
Young Pil Kim, Beom Jun Jin, Young Wook Park, Joo Tae Moon and Sang U. Kim
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (295 K)

[6] : Hot-Carrier Reliability for Si and SiGe HBTs: Aging Procedure, Extrapolation Model Limitations and Applications, Pages 1307-1312
N. Revil and X. Garros
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (388 K)

[7] : Injection Mechanisms and Lifetime Prediction with the Substrate Voltage in 0.15m Channel-Length N-MOSFETs, Pages 1313-1318
A. Bravaix, D. Goguenheim, N. Revil and E. Vincent
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (401 K)

[8] : Substrate Engineering to Improve Soft-Error-Rate Immunity for SRAM Technologies, Pages 1319-1324
H. Puchner, Y. -C. Liu, W. Kong, F. Duan and R. Castagnetti
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (514 K)

[9] : Improved Stability of Large Area Excimer Laser Crstallised Polysilicon Thin Film Transistors under DC and AC Operating, Pages 1325-1329
H. Toutah, J. F. Llibre, B. Tala-Ighil, T. Mohammed-Brahim, Y. Helen, G.
Gautier and O. Bonnaud
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (302 K)

[10] : Wafer Level Accelerated test for ionic contamination control on VDMOS transistors in Bipolar/CMOS/DMOS, Pages 1331-1334
Y. Rey-Tauriac, M. Taurin and O. Bonnaud
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (355 K)

[11] : Polysilicon oxide quality optimization at Wafer level of a Bipolar/CMOS/DMOS technology, Pages 1335-1340
X. Gagnard, Y. Rey-Tauriac and O. Bonnaud
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (416 K)

[12] : Reliability of polycrystalline silicon thin film resistors, Pages 1341-1346
M. Nakabayashi, H. Ohyama, E. Simoen, M. Ikegami, C. Claeys, K. Kobayashi, M. Yoneoka and K. Miyahara
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (395 K)

[13] : Anode hole generation mechanisms, Pages 1347-1354
A. Ghetti, M. Alam and J. Bude
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (515 K)

[14] : Creation and thermal annealing of interface states induced by uniform or
localized injection in 2.3nm thick oxides., Pages 1355-1360
D. Zander, F. Saigné and A. Meinertzhagen
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (388 K)

[15] : Low frequency noise and reliability properties pf 0.12 m CMOS devices with
Ta2O5 as gate dielectrics, Pages 1361-1366
M. Fadlallah, A. Szewczyk, C. Giannakopoulos, B. Cretu, F. Monsieur, T.
Devoivre, J. Jomaah and G. Ghibaudo
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (295 K)

[16] : Failures in ultrathin oxides: Stored energy or carrier energy driven?,
Pages : 1367-1372
S. Bruyére, F. Monsieur, D. Roy, E. Vincent and G. Ghibaudo
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (392 K)

[17] : Mechanisms of positive gate bias stress induced instabilities in power
VDMOSFETs, Pages 1373-1378
N. Stojadinovic, I. Manic, S. Djoric-Veljkovic, V. Davidovic, S. Golubovic
and S. Dimitrijev
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (412 K)

[18] : ESD-Induced Circuit Performance Degradation in RFICs, Pages 1379-1383
K. Gonf, H. G. Feng, R. Y. Zhan and A. Z. Wang
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (353 K)

[19] : Effect of pulse risetime on trigger homogeneity in single finger grounded
gate nMOSFET electrostatic discharge protection devices, Pages 1385-1390
M. Litzenberger, R. Pichler, S. Bychikhin, D. Pogany, E. Gornik, K. Esmark
and H. Gossner
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (387 K)

[20] : The time-voltage trade-off for ESD damage threshold in amorphous silicon
hydrogenated thin-film transistors, Pages 1391-1396
N. Toi Golo, S. van der Wal, F. G. Kuper and T. Mouthaan
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (383 K)

[21] : Relevance of contact reliability in HBM-ESD test equipment, Pages
Joachim C. Reiner and Thomas Keller
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (434 K)

[22] : Non Contact Surface Potential Measurements for Charging Reduction During
Manufacturing of Metal-Insulator-Metal Capacitors, Pages 1403-1407
J. Ackaert, Z. Wang, E. De Backer, P. Colson and P. Coppens
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (768 K)

[23] : Electromigration Performance of Multi-level Damascene Copper
Interconnects, Pages 1409-1416
S. Yokogawa, N. Okada, Y. Kakuhara and H. Takizawa
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (767 K)

[24] : An overview of hot-carrier induced degradation in 0.25 m Partially and
Fully Depleted SOI N-MOSFET's, Pages 1417-1420
F. Dieudonné, F. Daugé, J. Jomaah, C. Raynaud and F. Balestra
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (260 K)

[25] : Stress induced leakage current at low field in ultra thin oxides, Pages
F. Lime, G. Ghibauda and G. Guégan
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (260 K)

[26] : Electric passivation of interface traps at drain junction space charge
region in p-MOS transistors, Pages 1427-1431
G. Chen, M. F. Li and Y. Jin
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (304 K)

[27] : Simulation and experimental comparison of GGNMOS and LVTSCR protection
cells under ElectroStatic Discharges, Pages 1433-1437
A. Guilhaume, P. Galy, JP. Chante, B. Foucher and F. Blanc
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (394 K)

[28] : High-resolution in-situ of gold electromigration: test time reduction,
Pages : 1439-1442
K. Croes, R. Dreesen, J. Manca, W. De Ceuninck, L. De Schepper, L.
Tielemans and P. van Der Wel
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (216 K)

[29] : Radiation damages of polycrystalline silicon films and npn Si transistors
by high-energy particle irradiation, Pages 1443-1448
H. Ohyama, M. Nakabayashi, E. Simoen, C. Claeys, T. Tanaka, T. Hirao, S.
Onada and K. Kobayashi
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (335 K)

[30] : Application of Scanning Probe Microscopy techniques in Semiconductor
Failure Analysis, Pages 1449-1458
B. Ebersberger, A. Olbrich and C. Boit
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (961 K)

[31] : Diamond-Coated Cantilevers for Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
Applications, Pages 1459-1463
H. Yabuhara, M. Ciappa and W. Fichtner
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (321 K)

[32] : Why hot carrier emission based timing probes will work for 50 nm, 1V CMOS technologies, Pages 1465-1470
J. C. Tsang and M. V. Fischetti
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (423 K)

[33] : Front Side and Backside OBIT Mappings applied to Single Event Transient Testing, Pages 1471-1476
D. Lewis, V. Pouget, T. Beauchêne, H. Lapuyade, P. Fouillat, A. Touboul,
F. Beaudoin and P. Perdu
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (551 K)

  [1] :  [PAP366]  D. Lewis, V. Pouget, T. Beauchene, H. Lapuyade, A. Touboul, F. Beaudoin, P. Perdu, Backside and front side picosecond OBIT mapping on ICs, Application for single event transient studies, ESREF'2001, pp. 1471-1476

[34] : Modeling Thermal Laser Stimulation, Pages 1477-1482
F. Beaudoin, X. Chauffleur, J. P. Fradin, P. Perdu, R. Desplats and D. Lewis
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (443 K)

[35] : Coaxial Ion-Photon System, Pages 1483-1488
C. -C. Tsao, Q. S. Wang, P. Bouchet and P. Sudraud
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (494 K)

[36] : Development of an EB/FIB Integrated Test System, Pages 1489-1494
Katsuyoshi Miura, Koji Nakamae and Hiromu Fujioka
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (382 K)

[37] : A New Versatile Testing Interface for Failure Analysis in Integrated
Circuits, Pages 1495-1499
Romain Desplats, Philippe Perdu and Felix Beaudoin
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (394 K)

[38] : Thermal and free carrier laser interferometric mapping and failure
analysis of anti-serial smart power ESD protection structures, Pages
S. Bychikhin, M. Litzenberger, R. Pichler, D. Pogany, E. Gornik, G. Groos
and M. Stecher
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (378 K)

[39] : Unique and Practical IC Timing Analysis Tool Utilizing Intrinsic Photon
Emission, Pages 1507-1512
Norman Goldblatt, Martin Leibowitz and William Lo
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (525 K)

[40] : Theoretical Investigation of an Equivalent Laser LET, Pages 1513-1518
V. Pouget, H. Lapuyade, P. Fouillat, D. Lewis and S. Buchner
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (461 K)

[41] : Analysis of high-power devices using proton beam induced charge
microscopy, Pages 1519-1524
M. Zmeck, J. Phang, A. Bettiol, T. Osipowicz, F. Watt, L. Balk, F. -J.
Niedernostheide, H. -J. Schulze, E. Falck and R. Barthelmess
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (577 K)

[42] : Evaluation method for the control of process induced defect in deep
sub-micron device fabrication, Pages 1525-1533
Kazuko Ikeda
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (836 K)

[43] : A reliable course of Scanning Capacitance Microscopy analysis applied for
2D-Dopant Profilings of Power MOSFET Devices, Pages 1535-1537
M. Leicht, G. Fritzer, B. Basnar, S. Golka and J. Smoliner
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (196 K)

[44] : Backside Localization of Current Leakage Faults Using Thermal Laser
Stimulation, Pages 1539-1544
R. Desplats, F. Beaudoin, P. Perdu, P. Poirier, D. Tremouilles, M. Bafleur
and D. Lewis
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (604 K)

[45] : Ultra-Thinning of C4 Integrated Circuits for Backside Analysis during
First Silicon Debug, Pages 1545-1549
T. Lundquist, E. Delenia, J. Harroun, E. LeRoy and C. -C. Tsao
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (292 K)

[46] : A Novel Application of the FIB Lift-out Technique for 3-D TEM Analysis,
Pages : 1551-1556
Jon C. Lee, David Su and J. H. Chuang
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (620 K)

[47] : Silicon Thinning and Polishing on Packaged Devices, Pages 1557-1561
F. Beaudoin, P. Perdu, R. Desplats, S. Rigo and D. Lewis
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (479 K)

[48] : Introduction of InP high speed electronics into optical fiber transmission
systems and current technological limits, Pages 1563-1566
A. Scavennec
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (273 K)

[49] : Defect detection and modelling using pulsed electrical stress for
reliability investigations of InGaP HBT, Pages 1567-1571
C. Sydlo, B. Mottet, H. Ganis, H. L. Hartnagel, V. Krozer, S. L. Delage,
S. Cassette, E. Chartier, D. Floriot and S. Bland
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (334 K)

[50] : Evolution of LF noise in Power PHEMT's submitted to RF and DC Step
Stresses, Pages 1573-1578
B. Lambert, N. Malbert, N. Labat, F. Verdier, A. Touboul, P. Huguet, R.
Bonnet and G. Pataut
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (366 K)

[51] : Long Term Stability of InGaAs/AlInAs/GaAs Methamorphic HEMTs, Pages
G. Meneghesso, A. Chini and E. Zanoni
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (358 K)

[52] : Gate-lag effects in AlGaAs/GaAs power HFET's, Pages 1585-1589
M. Borgarino, G. Sozzi, A. Mazzanti and G. Verzellesi
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (288 K)

[53] : Determination of the thermal resistance and current exponent of
heterojunction bipolar transistors for reliability evaluation, Pages
R. Petersen, W. De Ceuninck, L. De Schepper, O. Vendier, H. Blanck and D.
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (304 K)

[54] : Laser diode COFD analysis by thermoreflectance microscopy, Pages 1597-1601
Stefan Dilhaire, Stéphane Grauby, Sébastien Jorez, Luis-David Patino
Lopez, Emmanuel Schaub and Wilfrid Claeys
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (305 K)

[55] : Damp Heat test on LiNbO optical modulators, Pages 1603-1607
P. Furcas, R. De Palo, M. E. Patella, G. Salmini and M. Vanzi
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (468 K)

[56] : Investigation on ESD-stressed GaN/InGaN-on-sapphire blue LEDs, Pages
G. Meneghesso, S. Podda and M. Vanzi
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (608 K)

[57] : Environmental Effects on Interfacial Adhesion, Pages 1615-1624
M. W. Lane, J. M. Snodgrass and R. H. Dauskardt
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (699 K)

[58] : Three-Dimensional Voids Simulation in chip Metallization Structures: a
Contribution to Reliability Evaluation, Pages 1625-1630
D. Dalleau and K. Weide-Zaage
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (495 K)

[59] : Reliability Studies on Multilevel Interconnection with Intermetal
Dielectric Air Gaps, Pages 1631-1635
V. Sukharev, B. P. Shieh, R. Choudhury, C. Park and K. C. Saraswat
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (331 K)

[60] : Thermomechanical stress analysis of Cu/low-k dielectric interconnect
schemes, Pages 1637-1641
Alan Mathewson, Carlos Gonzales Montes De Oca and Sean Foley
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (297 K)

[61] : Thermal fatigue in solder joints of Ag-Pd and Ag-Pt metallized LTCC
modules, Pages 1643-1648
R. Rautioaho, O. Nousiainen, S. Leppävuori, J. Lenkkeri and T. Jaakola
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (520 K)

[62] : RF Packaging for Space Applications: from Micropackage to SOP ¯ "System On
a Package", Pages 1649-1656
Claude Drevon
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (654 K)

[63] : Mechanical Reliability of MEMS-structures under shock load, Pages
U. Wagner, J. Franz, M. Schweiker, W. Bernhard, R. Müller-Fiedler, B.
Michel and O. Paul
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (773 K)

[64] : Thermal management and reliability of multi-chip power modules, Pages
G. Lefranc, G. Mitic and H. -J. Schultz
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (693 K)

[65] : Integrated power transistor size optimisation, Pages 1671-1676
J. M. Bosc
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (355 K)

[66] : Operation of power semiconductors under transient thermal conditions:
thermal fatigue reliability and mechanical aspects, Pages 1677-1682
S. Forster, T. Lequeu and R. Jérisian
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (492 K)

  [1] :  [ART163]  S. FORSTER, T. LEQUEU, R. JERISIAN, Operation of power semiconductors under transient thermal conditions: thermal fatigue reliability and mechanical aspects, Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 41, Issues 9-10, September - October 2001, pp. 1677-1682.
  [2] :  [PAP370]  S. FORSTER, T. LEQUEU, R. JERISIAN, Operation of power semiconductors under transient thermal conditions: thermal fatigue reliability and mechanical aspects, ESREF'2001, pp. 1677-1682.

[67] : ESD protection structures for BCD5 smart power technologies, Pages
L. Sponton, L. Cerati, G. Croce, F. Chrappan, C. Contiero, G. Meneghesso
and E. Zanoni
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (354 K)

[68] : Reliability of non-hermetic pressure contact IGBT modules, Pages 1689-1694
R. Schlegel, E. Herr and F. Richter
Lien : private/RICHTER.pdf - 6 pages, 573 Ko.

  [1] :  [ART242]  R. SCHLEGEL, E. HERR, F. RICHTER, Reliability of non-hermetic pressure contact IGBT modules,  Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 41, No. 9-10, September/October 2001, pp. 1689-1694.
  [2] :  [PAP371]  R. Schlegel, E. Herr, F. Richter, Reliability of non-hermetic pressure contact IGBT modules, ESREF'2001, pp. 1689-1694

[69] : Power module lifetime estimation from chip temperature direct measurement
in an automotive traction inverter, Pages 1695-1700
G. Coquery, S. Carubelli, J. P. Ousten, R. Lallemand, F. Lecoq, D.
Lhotellier, V. de Viry and Ph. Dupuy
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (435 K)

[70] : A pragmatic methodology for the monitoring of the electronic components
ageing: The case of power thyristors at EDF, Pages 1701-1705
G. Simon and G. Guffroy
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (327 K)

[71] : High reliability power VDMOS Transistors in Bipolar/CMOS/DMOS technology,
Pages : 1707-1712
Y. Rey-Tauriac, M. Taurin and O. Bonnaud
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (304 K)

[72] : A Novel Power Module Design and Technology for Improved Power Cycling Capability, Pages 1713-1718
U. Scheuermann and E. Herr
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (383 K)

[73] : Reliability of Chip/DCB Solder Joints in AlSiC Base Plate Power Modules: Influence of Chip Size, Pages 1719-1723
M. Thoben, X. Xie, D. Silber and J. Wilde
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (394 K)

[74] : Non-destructive tester for single event burnout of power diodes, Pages 1725-1729
G. Busatto, F. Iannuzzo, F. Velardi and J. Wyss
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (334 K)

[75] : Local lifetime control IGBT structures: turn-off performances comparison for hard- and soft-switching between 1200V trench and new planar PT-IGBTs, Pages 1731-1736
S. Azzopardi, A. Kawamura, H. Iwamoto, O. Briat, J. M. Vinassa, E. Woirgard and C. Zardini
Lien : private/AZZOPARDI5.pdf - Format-PDF (411 K)

  [1] :  [ART557]  S. AZZOPARDI, A. KAWAMURA, H. IWAMOTO, O. BRIAT, J.M. VINASSA, E. WOIRGARD, C. ZARDINI, Local lifetime control IGBT structures : Turn-off performances comparison for hard- and soft-switching between 1200V trench PT- and new planar PT-IGBTs, Microelectro

[76] : Contents, Pages iii-viii
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (201 K)

[77] : Editorial, Page ix
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (64 K)

[78] : Author index, Pages I-III
Lien : vide.pdf - Format-PDF (83 K)

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