EPE'97, "European Conference on POWER ELECTRONICS AND APPLICATIONS", Trondheim, Norvège, septembre 1997.
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Titre : EPE'97, European Conference on POWER ELECTRONICS AND APPLICATIONS, Trondheim, Norvège, septembre 1997.

Cité dans : [DIV003]  Liste des actes de congrès par années, février 2003.
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Cité dans : [CONF004] EPE, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, juillet 2012.
Revue : EPE'97 - Trondheim, Norway
Date : 8 - 10 September 1997
Volumes : 1, 2, 3 & 4
Stockage : Bibliothèque LMP

Info : 7th European Conference on POWER ELECTRONICS AND APPLICATIONS, "Power Electronics for Sustainable Growth"
Patron : for the Conference : Mrs. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Former Prime Minister, Member of the Norwegian Parliament, Former Chairman of the UN World Commission on Environment and Development
Sponsored : by European Power Electronics and Drives Association
Organised : by Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Cooperation : with IEE, IEEE PELS, IEEE IAS, IEEE Norway Section, NEF, SEE, SRBE/KBVE, VDE, SEP
Site : http://www.elkraft.unit.no/epe97/
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Lien : EPE/epe97_d1.txt Session D1a: Passive components.
Lien : EPE/epe97_d2.txt Session D1c: Monolithic integration.
Lien : EPE/epe97_d3.txt Session D1e: Characterization and Applications.
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Vers : Volume 1 : Keynote Papers and Lecture sessions
Vers : Volume 2
Vers : Volume 3
Vers : Volume 4

Volume 1 : Keynote Papers and Lecture sessions


  [1] :  [PAP071]  A.A. JAECKLIN, Integration of power components - State of the art and trends, proceeding of EPE'97, Trondheim, 1997, vol. 1, pp. 1.001-1.006.
  [2] :  [PAP070]  K.G. RISCHMULLER, Smart power - On the way to system integration ?, EPE'97 Trondheim, Vol. 1, pp 1.007-1.009, 1997.
  [3] :  [PAP069]  L. LORENZ, System integration - a new milestone for future power electronic systems, EPE'97 Trondheim, vol. 1, pp. 10-15.
  [4] :  [PAP068]  L. GERTMAR, Needs for solutions and new areas of applications for power electronics, EPE'1997, Vol. 1, pp 1.046-1.029.
  [5] :  [PAP067]  H. KAHLEN, G. MAGGETTO, Electric and hybrid vehicles, EPE'97, Trondheim, september 1997, Vol. 1. pp. 30-54.
  [6] : [SHEET090] S. LINDER, S. KLAKA, M. FRECKER, E. CARROLL, H. ZELLER, A New Range of Reverse Conducting Gate-Commutated Thyristors for High-Voltage Medium-Power Applications, EPE'97, vol. 1, pp. 117-124.
  [7] :  [ART221]  K. SOMMER, J. GOTTERT, G. LEFRANC, R. SPANKE, Multi-chip high-power IGBT modules for traction and industrial application, Proc. EPE' 97, Trondheim, Norway, September 22-24, pp. 512-515.

Session_L4a : Monolithic Power Integration

  [1] :  [PAP005]  P. ALOISI, Z. JOHN SHHEN, S.P. ROBB, A new IGBT with a monolithic self protection circuits
  [2] :  [PAP006]  R. PEZZANI, E. BERNIER, C. BALLON, A methodology for the fonctional power integration. Example : the evolution of the solid state protection in the TELECOM area, EPE'97, Trondheim, vol. 1, pp. 296-301.
  [3] :  [PAP007]  J.-L. SANCHEZ, P. AUSTIN, R. BERRIANE, M. MARMOUGET, Trends in design and technology for new power integrated devices based on functional integration, EPE'97, Trondheim, vol. 1, pp. 302-307.
Bibli. : "A CMOS compatible smart power process with complete dielectric isolation", 1.308, J. Weyers, W. Rost - ELMOS GmbH, J. Millan, S. Hidalgo, J. Rebollo - SPAIN.

Session_L4c : Converter control

  [1] :  [PAP072]  A.S. KISLOVSKI, Low-cost, low-power, Buck-based input stages meeting the IEC 1000-3-2 Line-current-harmonics limits, proceeding of EPE'97, Trondheim, Vol. 1, pp. 1.336-1.341.

Session_L5c : Active filters and harmonics

  [1] : [SHEET173] P. MICHALAK, H. POULIQUEN, A. GRANDET, M.J.F. TISSIER, 175/188HZ mains signalling active filters for connecting independent electricity producers, EPE'97, vol. 1, pp. 459-.

Session_D1b : Switches - devices

  [1] :  [PAP083]  W.G. MIN, S.C. KIM, J.M. PARK, E.D. KIM, N.K. KIM, The dual-gated emitter switched thyristor, EPE'97, Trondheim, Vol. 2, pp. 2.044-2.048.

Session_D4a : Modulation strategies

  [1] :  [PAP082]  Synthesis of logic connection controllers for matrix converters
  [2] :  [PAP081]  Sinusoidal waveform generation based on DSP implementation

Session_D9a : Energy system management, user applications experiences, modelling and simulation

  [1] :  [PAP080]  Fundamantal component measurement in power supplies with high harmonic content
  [2] :  [PAP079]  F. REBY, R. BAUSIERE, M. AMBERG, Influence of current transition functions on the diminution of radiated and conducted emissions in power electronic circuits, EPE'97.

Session_D9c : Power conditioning, power factor correction

  [1] :  [PAP078]  J.-M. MEYER, A. RUFER, A single-phase rectifier with reduced current ripple and power factor correction, EPE'97.

Volume 2


  [1] : [SHEET101] C. LECHEVALIER, L. GERBAUD, J.BIGEON, A functional description for static converter structures design, EPE'97, Trondheim, vol. 2, pp. 794-799.

Volume 3


Session_D1c : Monolothic integration
  [1] :  [PAP004]  D. BERGOGNE, R. PEZZANI, B. RENON, L. MOINDRON, The Integrable G.T.O. provides functional integration, EPE'97, Trondheim, vol. 3, pp. 80-82.

Session_D1e : Characterization and Applications.

  [1] :  [PAP476]  S. AZZOPARDI, J.-M. VINASSA, C. ZARDINI, Comparative analysis of switching dynamics of punch-through and non punch-through IGBTs at high temperature, EPE'97.

Session_D4e : Converter control, PFC/line harmonics

Session_D4g : Measurement techniques and systems

  [1] : [SHEET122] A. HAMIDI, G. COQUERY, R. LALLEMAND, Reliability of high power IGBT modules. Testing on thermal fatigue effects due to traction cycles, Proc. of EPE Conf., Trondheim, September 1997, vol. 3, pp. 3.118-3.123.

Volume 4


Session_D2a :
  [1] :  [PAP076]  Serial connection : soft switching, a way to reduce parasitic overcurrents
  [2] :  [PAP075]  A. CHRISTENSSON, Switch-effective modulation strategy for matrix converter, EPE'97.
  [3] :  [PAP074]  R. CITTADINI, J.-J. HUSELSTEIN, C. GLAIZE, A matrix converter switching controller for low losses operation without snubber circuit, EPE'97 Trondheim, Vol. 4, pp 4.199-4.203, 1997.
  [4] :  [PAP066]  P. BARTHOLOMEUS, P. LE MOIGNE, A 3kW Unit-Power-Factor multilevel rectifier based on a double boost converter, EPE'97, Trondheim, vol. 4, pp. 204-209.
  [5] :  [PAP482]  S. AZZOPARDI, C. JAMET, J.-M. VINASSA, C. ZARDINI, Dynamics Behaviour of Punch-Through IGBT in Hard-Switching Converters at High Temperature, European Power Electronics Proc. Conf. 1997, vol.4, pp. 1-6.
  [6] : [99ART188] K.J. Olejniczak, Z. Hossain, E.X. Yang, V.A.K. Temple, C.L. Ma, The Lumped-Charge Buffered Power Diode Model for High Power Applications, EPE'97, Vol. 4, pp. 105-1xx.

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