K.G. RISCHMULLER, "Smart power - On the way to system integration ?", EPE'97 Trondheim, Vol. 1, pp 1.007-1.009, 1997.
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Titre : K.G. RISCHMULLER, Smart power - On the way to system integration ?, EPE'97 Trondheim, Vol. 1, pp 1.007-1.009, 1997.

Cité dans : [DIV063]  EPE'97, European Conference on POWER ELECTRONICS AND APPLICATIONS, Trondheim, Norvège, septembre 1997.
Cité dans : [CONF004] EPE, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, juillet 2012.
Cité dans :[99DIV126] Recherche sur l'auteur Klaus G. RISCHMULLER, janvier 2000.
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Auteur : Klaus G. RISCHMULLER, ST Microelectronics, Z.I. de Rousset

Revue : EPE'97 - Trondheim, Norway, 8-10 Sept 1997
Date : 1997
Volume : 1 of 4 vol.
Pages : de 1.007 à 1.009

Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
Source : EPE'97. 7th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications Brussels, Belgium: EPE Assoc, 1997.
Info : (l+593+xlii+1006+1051+1018) pp. 4 refs.
Sponsor : Eur. Power Electron. & Drives Assoc
ISBN : 90-75815-02-6
Info : Country of Publication : Belgium - Language : English

Abstract :
Smartpower devices are widely used in all major application
segments. Compared to discrete power components, they have some
major advantages, which are underlined in this paper. The trend is
to higher voltages and higher degree of integration. Some examples
show the present state of the art, e.g. the integration of
microcontrollers, nonvolatile memories together with efficient power
stages. The authors indicate the major trends for the coming years,
and raise some questions about the way to super integration in the
smartpower field.

Accession_Number : 1999:6264952

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