ISPSD'2000, "12th Internationnal Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & Integrated Circuits", May 22-25 2000, Toulouse, France.
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Titre : ISPSD'2000, 12th Internationnal Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & Integrated Circuits, May 22-25 2000, Toulouse, France.

Cité dans : [CONF007] ISPSD, Internationnal Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & Integrated Circuits
Cité dans : [DIV003]  Liste des actes de congrès par années, février 2003.
Auteur : Thierry LEQUEU

Number : 12
Lieu : Toulouse, France
Date : May 22-25, 2000
Stockage : bibliothèque LMP + CDROM + cassette vidéo
Info : Participant list : 341 adresses
Info : Taurus Process from AVANT!
Info : Numerical Modeling Expert from Siborg, Dr. Michael S. Obrecht

Vers : Session HVIGBT
Vers : Session LDMOS
Vers : Session Superjonction
Vers : Session Process Integration
Vers : Session SiC
Vers : Session Diodes
Vers : Poster session
Vers : Workshop on TCAD tools for Power Devices and Circuits
Vers : Session Advanced BCD
Vers : Session Energy Capability
Vers : Session IGBT
Vers : Session Trench

Info :
The 12th International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & ICs (ISPSD2000) provides a forum
for technical discussion in all areas of power semiconductor devices and power IC’s and their
applications. Areas of interest include, but are not restricted to the following:
Materials and Processes, CAD/Simulation, Devices, Monolithic and Hybrid Power Integrations,
Packaging, Applications.
General_Chair : Dr. Charitat Georges
7, Avenue du Colonel Roche
31077 Toulouse Cedex 4 - France
Phone : +33-5 61 33 64 57 (or 63 59)
FAX : +33-5 61 33 62 08
Lien :
Web :
Lien : ISPSD/2000/index.htm - Version du 24 mars 2000.
Lien : ISPSD/2000/ispsd2k.htm
Lien : ISPSD/2000/Call2000.pdf
Lien : ISPSD/2000/committe.htm

Session HVIGBT


Session LDMOS


Session Superjonction


  [1] : [SHEET380] M. Saggio, D. Fagone, S. Musumeci, MDmeshTM: innovative technology for high voltage power MOS, ISPSD'2000.

Session Process Integration


Session SiC


Session Diodes


  [1] : [SHEET381] T. REIMANN, R. KRüMMER, U. FRANKE, J. PETZOLDT, L. LORENZ, Real time calculation of the chip temperature of power modules in PWM inverter using a 16 bit microcontroller, ISPSD'2000.

Poster session


  [1] : [SHEET382] J.M. Bosc, I. Garcon, E. Huynh, P. Lance, I. Pages, J.M. Dorkel, G. Sarrabayrouse, Reliability characterization of LDMOS transistors submitted to multiple energy discharges, ISPSD'2000.
  [2] : [SHEET383] F. Udrea, R. Ng, A. Popescu, G.A.J. Amaratunga, Minority carrier injection across the 3D resurf junction, ISPSD'2000.
  [3] : [SHEET384] F. Heinke, R. Sittig, The Monolithic Bidirectional Switch (MBS), ISPSD'2000.
  [4] : [SHEET385] F.-J. Niedernostheide, H.-J. Schulze, J. Dorn, U. Kellner-Werdehausen, D. Westerholt, Light-Triggered Thyristors with Intergrated Protection Functions, ISPSD'2000.
  [5] : [SHEET355] Z. KHATIR, S. LEFEBVRE, Thermal analysis of high power IGBT modules, ISPSD'2000, Toulouse, France, May 22-25, 2000, pp. 271-274.
  [6] : [SHEET386] F. Nallet, A. Sénès, D. Planson, M.L. Locatelli, J.P. Chante, D. Renault, Electrical and Electrothermal 2D Simulations of a 4H-SiC High Voltage Current Limiting Device for Serial Protection Applications, ISPSD'2000, pp. 287-290.
  [7] : [SHEET396] C. Hager, A. Stuck, Y. Tronel, R. Zehringer, W. Fichtner, Comparison between Finite-Element and Analytical Calculations for the Lifetime Estimation of Bond Wires in IGBT Modules, ISPSD'2000, pp. 291-294.

Workshop on TCAD tools for Power Devices and Circuits


Info : photocopie des transparents.lead by Pr. Wolfgang Fichtner.
Lien : ISPSD/2000/workshop.htm

Session Advanced BCD


  [1] : [SHEET397] A. Moscatelli, A. Merlini, G. Croce, P. Galbiati, C. Contiero, LDMOS Implementation in a 0.35 um BCD Technology (BCD6), ISPSD'2000, pp. 323-326.

Session Energy Capability


Session IGBT


  [1] : [SHEET398] J. Onuki, Y. Chonan, T. Komiyama, M. Nihei, R. Saitou, M. Suwa, M. Kitano, A New Void Free Soldering Process in Large-Area, High Power IGBT Modules, ISPSD'2000, pp. 367-370.

Session Trench


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