C. PERRET, J. BOUSSEY, C. SCHAEFFER, M. COYAUD, "Analytic models, optimisation and realisation of cooling devices in silicon technology", 1999.
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Titre : C. PERRET, J. BOUSSEY, C. SCHAEFFER, M. COYAUD, Analytic models, optimisation and realisation of cooling devices in silicon technology, 1999.

Cité dans : [DIV436]  Recherche sur l'auteur Martin COYAUD, juillet 2004.
Auteur : Perret, C. (Lab. d'Electrotech. de Grenoble, CNRS, St. Martin d'Heres, France)
Auteur : Boussey, J.
Auteur : Schaeffer, C.
Auteur : Coyaud, M.

Source : 5th International Workshop Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems
Lieu : Grenoble, France: TIMA Lab.
Date : 1999
Pages : 65 - 71 of xiii+370 pp.
Références : 11 refs.
Conference : Rome, Italy, 3-6 Oct 1999
Sponsors : IEEE Comput. Soc. Test Technol. Tech. Council; TIMA Lab.; IEEE Components, Packaging & Manuf. Technol. Soc.; et al
ISBN : 2-913329-32-2
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : New Development; Practical; Theoretical; Experimental
Info : Country of Publication : France
Language : English
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Abstract :
A novel cooling device fully built in silicon technology is presented. The new concept developed in this work consists of micromachining of the bottom side of the circuit wafer in order to embed heat sinking microchannels directly in the silicon material. These microchannels are then sealed, by a direct wafer bonding procedure, with another silicon wafer where microchannels and inlet-outlet nozzles are also micromachined. Such a configuration presents the advantages of providing a significant reduction of the cooler overall dimensions, reducing the number of materials involved, and being obtainable by a VLSI compatible technology. Using an adequate analytic model with appropriate approximations, the optimum dimensions of the micro heat sink were found. The realization procedure was then carried out in a clean room environment. Initial experimental characterization results obtained from earlier prototypes demonstrated that the thermal properties of this silicon-based cooling device are satisfactory and can be reasonably compared to those of commercially available copper micro heat sinking components.

Accession_Number : 2000:6727233 INSPEC

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