R.D. MIDDLEBROOK, S. CUK, "A general unified approach to modelling switching converter power stages", IEEE Power Electronic Specialists Conference, 1976, pp. 18-34.
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Titre : R.D. MIDDLEBROOK, S. CUK, A general unified approach to modelling switching converter power stages, IEEE Power Electronic Specialists Conference, 1976, pp. 18-34.

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Auteur : Slobodan Cuk - California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California.

Source : IEEE Power Electronic Specialists Conference
Date : 1976
Pages : 18 - 34

A method for modelling switching-converter power stages is developed, whose starting point is the unified state-space representation of the switched networks and whose end result is either a complete state-space description or its equivalent small-signal low-frequency linear circuit model.
A new canonical circuit model is proposed, whose fixed topology contains all the essential input-output and control properties of any dc-to-dc switching converter, regardless of its detailed configuration, and by which different converters can be characterized in the form of a table conveniently stored in a computer data bank to provide a useful tool for computer aided design and optimisation.
The new canonical circuit model predicts that, in general, switching action introduces both zero and poles into the duty ratio to output transfer function in addition to those from the effective filter network.



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