C. CHINGHI, D.M. DIVAN, D.W. NOVOTNY, "A hybrid inverter/cycloconverter-based variable-speed three-phase induction motor drive for single-phase inputs", APEC'94.
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Titre : C. CHINGHI, D.M. DIVAN, D.W. NOVOTNY, A hybrid inverter/cycloconverter-based variable-speed three-phase induction motor drive for single-phase inputs, APEC'94.

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Auteur : Chingchi Chen
Auteur : D.M. Divan
Auteur : D.W. Novotny - Dept. of Electr. Eng., Wisconsin Univ., Madison, WI, USA

Appears : Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, 1994. APEC '94. Conference Proceedings 1994., Ninth Annual
Pages : 514 - 520
Volume : 1
Date : 13-17 Feb. 1994
ISBN : 0-7803-1456-5
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 94CH3364-7, Total Pages: 2 vol. 1077
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Abstract :
This paper presents a simple power converter topology for driving
a three-phase induction motor with a single-phase AC supply.
Using only two active switches and a triac, the converter can
start the motor with high starting torque and low input current,
and can bring the motor up to full speed using a very
cost-effective, single-phase field-oriented control strategy. The
converter supplies balanced output voltages at rated frequency
with virtually no output distortion and with very high input
power factor. In this paper, the capability contours for
different speed ranges and various operating modes are addressed;
the trade-offs between output torque, torque ripple, input
current distortion, and inverter rating are also explained, and
the proposed control approaches are supported by simulation and
test results.

Subjet_terms :
invertors; cycloconvertors; induction motors; variable speed
drives; semiconductor switches; power convertors; thyristor
applications; machine control; velocity control; electric control
equipment; starting; inverter; cycloconverter; three-phase
induction motor; power converter; single-phase AC supply;
variable speed drives; active switches; triac; starting;
field-oriented control; rating; power factor; capability
contours; speed ranges; operating modes; output torque; torque
ripple; current distortion

References : 7
Accession_Number : 4725895

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