G.L. ARSOV, "An improved TRIAC model for computer-aided analysis and design"
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Article : [TRIAC052]

Titre : G.L. ARSOV, An improved TRIAC model for computer-aided analysis and design

Cité dans : [DIV066]  Recherche sur le mot clé : TRIAC*
Auteur : G.L. Arsov - Electrotech. Fac., Cyril & Methodius Univ., Skopje, Macedonia

Appears : Industrial Electronics, Control, Instrumentation, and Automation, 1992. Power Electronics and Motion Control., Proceedings of the 1992, International Conference on
Pages : 235 - 239
Volume : 1
Date : 9-13 Nov. 1992
ISBN : 0-7803-0582-5
Info : Total Pages: 3 vol. 1649
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Abstract :
A triac model is developed using current and voltage sources. The
use of the triac instead of two antiparallel thyristors
eliminates the memory problems with small computers, especially
PCs, concerning the circuits containing several SCRs. The
on-state characteristic is simulated with a series connection of
constant resistance and polynomial voltage controlled variable
resistance. The reverse recovery time is defined by a simple PC
combination. The model is tested on the demo version of PSPICE
and can be easily improved for other versions of SPICE. The
device can be fired by positive as well as negative gate pulses.
The disc can be easily simulated by small modifications of the
triac model. The static and dynamic characteristics are

Subjet_terms :
semiconductor device models; electronic engineering computing;
TRIAC; PCs; SCRs; on-state characteristic; reverse recovery time;
PSPICE; gate pulses; digital simulation; electronic engineering
computing; microcomputer applications; semiconductor device
models; semiconductor switches; SPICE; thyristors

References : 13
Accession_Number : 4513185

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