B. SINGH, A. CHANDRA, K. Al-HADDAD, "An improved single phase active power filter with optimum DC capacitor"
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Titre : B. SINGH, A. CHANDRA, K. Al-HADDAD, An improved single phase active power filter with optimum DC capacitor

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Auteur : B. Singh
Auteur : A. Chandra
Auteur : K. Al-Haddad - Dept. of Electr. Eng., Indian Inst. of Technol., New Delhi, India

Appears : Industrial Electronics, Control, and Instrumentation, 1996., Proceedings of the 1996 IEEE IECON 22nd International Conference on
Pages : 677 - 682
Volume : 2
Date : 5-10 Aug. 1996
ISBN : 0-7803-2775-6
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 96CH35830, Total Pages: 3 vol. (lxxiv+xxxiv+1995)
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Abstract :
Solid state control of AC power using diodes, thyristors and
triacs injects harmonics into the AC mains. These injected
harmonics cause low efficiency in the supply system, poor power
factor and EMI problems. Active filters have been considered a
potential candidate to reduce these problems. This paper deals
with an active power-filter (APF) based on simple control with
optimum selection of energy storage capacitor. A voltage source
inverter with hysteresis current control is employed to form the
APF, which uses minimum measured variables to make it cost
effective. A diode rectifier feeding a capacitive-resistive load
is considered a nonlinear load on AC mains for the elimination of
harmonics by the proposed APF. A detailed dynamic model of the
scheme is simulated and the effect of different parameters is

Subjet_terms :
power system harmonics; single-phase active power filter; optimum
DC capacitor; AC mains harmonics; power factor; EMI; energy
storage capacitor; voltage source inverter; hysteresis current
control; diode rectifier; capacitive-resistive load; nonlinear
load; harmonics elimination; dynamic model

References : 16
Accession_Number : 5533766

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