A.M. SHARAF, R. CHALET, "A low cost on-off modulated power filter for single phase motorized loads", 1998.
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Titre : A.M. SHARAF, R. CHALET, A low cost on-off modulated power filter for single phase motorized loads, 1998.

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Auteur : A.M. Sharaf
Auteur : R. Chalet
Editor : R. Hornsey - Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., New Brunswick Univ., Fredericton, NB, Canada.

Appears : Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1998. IEEE Canadian Conference on
Pages : 862 - 865
Volume : 2
Date : 24-28 May 1998
ISBN : 0-7803-4314-X
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 98TH8341, Total Pages: 2 vol. xliii+939
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Abstract :
The paper presents a flexible low cost on-off modulated power
filter (MPF) for power quality (PQ) enhancement and electric
energy conservation of motorized single phase in-rush type,
quasidynamic mechanical loads. These nonlinear type loads are
typical of ventilation, air conditioning, pumping and other small
scale industries such as sewing, shear and press machinery and
food processing plants. The proposed low cost on/off triac
switched filter scheme (US patent pending) can be switched by
either a dynamic RMS current tracking or harmonic ripple
regulation controller.

Subjet_terms :
power supply quality; low cost on-off modulated power filter;
single phase motorized loads; power quality enhancement; electric
energy conservation; single phase in-rush type load; quasidynamic
mechanical loads; nonlinear type loads; ventilation; air
conditioning; pumping; sewing industry; press machinery; shear
machinery; food processing; on/off triac switched filter; dynamic
RMS current tracking; harmonic ripple regulation controller;

References : 14
Accession_Number : 6127379

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