A. El-SABBE, A. ZEIN El-DIN "A novel AC voltage regulator"
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Titre : A. El-SABBE, A. ZEIN El-DIN A novel AC voltage regulator

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Auteur : A. El-Sabbe
Auteur : A. Zein El-Din - Dept. of Electr. Eng., Menoufia Univ., Egypt

Appears : Industrial Electronics Society, 1998. IECON '98. Proceedings of the 24th Annual Conference of the IEEE
Pages : 607 - 611
Volume : 2
Date : 31 Aug.-4 Sept. 1998
ISBN : 0-7803-4503-7
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 98CH36200, Total Pages: 4 vol. xxix+2635
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Abstract :
This paper describes a new single-phase voltage controller for
supplying resistive loads, with two different strategies. Load
voltage is varied by controlling the flux linkage of single-phase
transformer windings used with the proposed system. The primary
of the transformer is connected in series with the load to the AC
supply, while the secondary is shunted with a control device. The
flux linkage is controlled by using either a pair of thyristor
"triacs" (phase controlled) or a MOSFET transistor (AC chopper
topology). Simulation analyses of the two proposed methods of
control are presented and verified by experimental results in
different cases of operation. The advantages of the proposed
system are that it is simple, effective, accurate and has low
distortion of supply current, smooth regulation of load voltage
and low cost. The proposed system can be used in industrial
applications such as heaters, lighting control and AC motor
drives controls.

Subjet_terms :
AC-AC power convertors; single-phase AC voltage regulator;
resistive loads; single-phase transformer windings; transformer
primary; transformer secondary; flux linkage; triacs; MOSFET
transistor; AC chopper topology; simulation analyses; industrial

References : 8
Accession_Number : 6154893

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