W. WU, M. HELD, P. JACOB, P. SCACCO, A. BIROLINI, "Thermal stress related packaging failure in power IGBT modules", ISPSD'95.
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Titre : W. WU, M. HELD, P. JACOB, P. SCACCO, A. BIROLINI, Thermal stress related packaging failure in power IGBT modules, ISPSD'95.

Cité dans : [CONF007] ISPSD, Internationnal Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & Integrated Circuits
Cité dans :[99DIV133] Recherche sur l'auteur Peter JACOB, juin 2000.
Cité dans :[SHEET245]
Auteur : Wuchen Wu
Auteur : M. Held
Auteur : P. Jacob
Auteur : P. Scacco - Reliability Lab., Swiss Federal Inst. of Technol., Zurich, Switzerland

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Source : Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs, 1995. ISPSD '95., Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on
Pages : 330 - 334
Date : 23-25 May 1995
ISBN : 0-7803-2618-0
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 95CH35785
Info : Total Pages : xvii+502
References : 8
Accession_Number : 5188365

Abstract :
Thermomechanical stress behavior and its influence on the
reliability of large area die bonding of 400 A/1200 V IGBT
modules were studied in this paper. The forming and growing
process of voids and cracks in the solder layers of fine-prepared
IGBT cross sectional samples was quasi-dynamically observed
during thermal cycling test. In consideration of the thermal
mismatch in IGBT packaging, thermal stress behavior in an IGBT
sandwich structure versus temperature changes, was numerically
simulated and supported by the experimental results.

Subjet_terms :
insulated gate bipolar transistors; modules; semiconductor device
packaging; semiconductor device reliability; failure analysis;
thermal stresses; thermal analysis; voids (solid); thermal stress
cracking; semiconductor device testing; stress analysis;
deformation; power transistors; thermal stress related packaging
failure; power IGBT modules; thermomechanical stress behavior;
reliability; large area die bonding; voids; cracks; solder
layers; thermal cycling test; IGBT packaging; temperature change;
400 A; 1200 V

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