Y. TAKAHASHI, K. YOSHIKAWA, M. SOUTOME, T. FUJII, M. ICHIJYOU, M.Y. SEKI, "2.5 kV-1000 A power pack IGBT (high power flat-packaged RC-IGBT)
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Titre : Y. TAKAHASHI, K. YOSHIKAWA, M. SOUTOME, T. FUJII, M. ICHIJYOU, M.Y. SEKI, 2.5 kV-1000 A power pack IGBT (high power flat-packaged RC-IGBT)

Cité dans : [CONF007] ISPSD, Internationnal Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & Integrated Circuits
Cité dans :[SHEET245]
Auteur : Takahashi, Y.
Auteur : Yoshikawa, K.
Auteur : Soutome, M.
Auteur : Fujii, T.
Auteur : Ichijyou, M.Y.

Lien : SHEET245.HTM - reference [8]
Editors : Salama, C.A.T., Williams, R.K. Fuji Electr. Corp. Res. & Dev. Ltd., Matsumoto, Japan
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
Lien : private/Takahashi.pdf - 347 Ko, 4 pages.
Source : Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs, 1996. ISPSD '96 Proceedings., 8th International Symposium on
Pages : 299 - 302
Date : 20-23 May 1996
ISBN : 0-7803-3106-0
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 96CH35883
Info : Total Pages : 362
References : 5
Accession_Number : 5392001

Abstract :
A 2.5 kV-1000 A Power Pack IGBT has been successfully developed.
This Power Pack IGBT is specially designed for the high power and
highly reliable industrial and traction use. Compared with
conventional IGBT modules, this Power Pack IGBT is simple and
compact for a 2.5 kV-1 kA class device because the assembled IGBT
and PWD chips are able to shrink due to the low thermal impedance
of both side cooling. The Power Pack IGBT shows the high blocking
voltage of 2.5 kV, the maximum on-state voltage of 4.5 V at the
collector current I/sub c/=1000 A, T/sub j/=125/spl deg/C, and
the turn-off capability of over 5/spl times/I/sub c/.

Subjet_terms :
insulated gate bipolar transistors; power supplies to apparatus;
semiconductor device packaging; semiconductor device testing;
power pack IGBT; high power flat-packaged RC-IGB; industrial and
traction use; traction use; PWD chips; low thermal impedance;
side cooling; on-state voltage; collector current; turn-off
capability; reliability; power cycling test; DC bias test; heat
shock test; 2.5 kV; 1000 A; 4.5 V; 125 C

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