A.E. SEGALL, J.R. HELLMANN, R.E. TRESSLER, "Thermal Shock Behaviour - Testing and Modelling", GRI, December 1992, 232 pages.
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Titre : A.E. SEGALL, J.R. HELLMANN, R.E. TRESSLER, Thermal Shock Behaviour - Testing and Modelling, GRI, December 1992, 232 pages.

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Cité dans :[THESE090] S. MOREAU, Fiabilité environnementale des composants de puissance : le TRIAC, Thèse de Doctorat, soutenue le 17 mai 2005, 127 pages.
Auteur : Segall, A.E.
Auteur : Hellmann, J.R.
Auteur : Tressler, R.E.

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GRI Document Number: GRI-94/0287
Non-GRI Report Number: CAM-9410
Document Type: Report
Report Type: Topical Report
Report Period: 12/89 - 5/92
Authors: Segall, A.E.; Hellmann, J.R.; Tressler, R.E.
Corporate Source: Pennsylvania State University, Center for Advanced Materials, University Park, PA
Date : December 1992
Pages : 1 - 232
GRI Contract Number: 1302
Project Manager: Petrich, Richard R.
Business Unit: Combustion & Industrial Process

Site : http://www.gri.org/pub/abstracts/gri94_0287.HTMl

Summary :

Development of a thermal shock and fatigue methodology for evaluating ceramics in high-temperature gas-fired environments is described. The
methodology employs a narrow circumferential gas (helium) external quench to thermally shock and fatigue internally heated alumina (AD998),
reaction-bonded (SCRB210), and sintered alpha (Hexoloy SA) silicon carbide tubes. Transient temperature measurements for thermal and stress calculations
were obtained using micro-thermocouples positioned along the internal surface of the tubes. Acoustic emissions were used for in situ monitoring of crack
initiation and propagation of the resident flaw populations. Following exposure, a series of tests were used to correlate the existence, extent, and statistical
(Weibull) nature of damage induced by thermal shock. Results indicated distinct fatigue behavior in AD998, with occasional evidence of progressive damage
in SCRB210. Defects in Hexoloy SA precluded conclusions pertaining to fatigue. Appendixes contain modeling data.

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