IEEE Transactions on "Power Electronics", Volume 17, Issue 4, July 2002.
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Revue : [REVUE365]

Titre : IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume 17, Issue 4, July 2002.

Cité dans : [DIV367]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, août 2013.

Volume : 17
Issue : 4
Date : July 2002

A static hysteresis model for power ferrites
Nakmahachalasint, P.; Ngo, K.D.T.; Loc Vu-Quoc
Pages : 453 -460
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (376 KB)]

A current source PWM inverter with actively commutated SCRs
Bendre, A.; Wallace, I.; Nord, J.; Venkataramanan, G.
Pages : 461 -468
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (305 KB)]

A new, soft-switched, high-power-factor boost converter with IGBTs
Yungtaek Jang; Jovanovic, M.M.
Pages : 469 -476
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (378 KB)]

Voltage and current stress reduction in single-stage power factor correction AC/DC converters with bulk capacitor voltage feedback
Qun Zhao; Lee, F.C.; Fu-sheng Tsai
Pages : 477 -484
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (330 KB)]

Critical inductance in voltage regulator modules
Pit-Leong Wong; Lee, F.C.; Peng Xu; Kaiwei Yao
Pages : 485 -492
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (348 KB)]

New active input current shapers to allow AC-to-DC converters with asymmetrically driven transformers to comply with the IEC-1000-3-2
Sebastian, J.; Fernandez, A.; Villegas, P.J.; Hernando, M.M.; Prieto, M.J.
Pages : 493 -501
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (324 KB)]

  [1] :  [ART381]  J. Sebastian, A. Fernandez, P.J. Villegas, M.M. Hernando, M.J. Prieto, New active input current shapers to allow AC-to-DC converters with asymmetrically driven transformers to comply with the IEC-1000-3-2, 1992.

Mixed-mode EMI noise and its implications to filter design in offline switching power supplies
Qu, S.; Chen, D.
Pages : 502 -507
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (288 KB)]

Reduced layer planar busbar for voltage source inverters
Zare, F.; Ledwich, G.F.
Pages : 508 -516
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (485 KB)]

A three-leg voltage source inverter for two-phase AC motor drive systems
de Rossiter Correa, M.B.; Jacobina, C.B.; Lima, A.M.N.; da Silva, E.R.C.
Pages : 517 -523
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (300 KB)]

Five-phase induction motor drives with DSP-based control system
Huangsheng Xu; Toliyat, H.A.; Petersen, L.J.
Pages : 524 -533
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (354 KB)]

Implementation of a DSP based real-time estimator of induction motors rotor time constant
Ba-Razzouk, A.; Cheriti, A.; Sicard, P.
Pages : 534 -542
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (294 KB)]

A new torque and flux control method for switched reluctance motor drives
Cheok, A.D.; Fukuda, Y.
Pages : 543 -557
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (415 KB)]

Multiterminal LVDC system for optimal acquisition of power in wind-farm using induction generators
Weixing Lu; Boon Teck Ooi
Pages : 558 -563
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (250 KB)]

Open loop and closed loop spectral frequency active filtering
Mariethoz, S.; Rufer, A.C.
Pages : 564 -573
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (584 KB)]

Predictive transient-following control of shunt and series active power filters
Marks, J.H.; Green, T.C.
Pages : 574 -584
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (452 KB)]

On the periodic behavior of PWM DC-DC converters
van der Woude, J.W.; de Koning, W.L.; Fuad, Y.
Pages : 585 -595
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (385 KB)]

Adaptive off-time control for variable-frequency, soft-switched flyback converter at light loads
Panov, Y.; Jovanovic, M.M.
Pages : 596 -603
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (342 KB)]

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