IEEE Transactions on "Power Electronics", Volume 17, Issue 2, March 2002.
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Titre : IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume 17, Issue 2, March 2002.

Cité dans : [DIV367]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, août 2013.

Volume : 17
Issue : 2
Date : March 2002

Impedance specifications for stable DC distributed power systems
Xiaogang Feng; Jinjun Liu; Lee, F.C.
Pages : 157 -162
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (286 KB)]

A simple single-switch single-stage AC/DC converter with fast output voltage regulation
Garcia, O.; Cobos, J.A.; Alou, P.; Prieto, R.; Uceda, J.
Pages : 163 -171
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (362 KB)]

Stability and dynamic performance of current-sharing control for paralleled voltage regulator modules
Panov, Y.; Jovanovic, M.M.
Pages : 172 -179
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (384 KB)]

A novel resonant gate driver for high frequency synchronous buck converters
Kaiwei Yao; Lee, F.C.
Pages : 180 -186
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (311 KB)]

Thermal characterization of compact electronic systems: a portable PC as a study case
Dallago, E.; Venchi, G.
Pages : 187 -195
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (377 KB)]

Rise time reduction in high-voltage pulse transformers using auxiliary windings
Redondo, L.M.; Margato, E.; Silva, J.F.
Pages : 196 -206
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (402 KB)]

A technique for power supply harmonic impedance estimation using a controlled voltage disturbance
Sumner, M.; Palethorpe, B.; Thomas, D.W.P.; Zanchetta, P.; Di Piazza, M.C.
Pages : 207 -215
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (312 KB)]

A comprehensive approach to fixed-step simulation of switched circuits
De Kelper, B.; Dessaint, L.A.; Al-Haddad, K.; Nakra, H.
Pages : 216 -224
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (295 KB)]

Low stray inductance bus bar design and construction for good EMC performance in power electronic circuits
Caponet, M.C.; Profumo, F.; De Doncker, R.W.; Tenconi, A.
Pages : 225 -231
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (280 KB)]

Current control strategy for brushless DC motors based on a common DC signal
Dixon, J.W.; Leal, L.A.
Pages : 232 -240
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (405 KB)]

Robust control using neural network uncertainty observer for linear induction motor servo drive
Faa-Jeng Lin; Rong-Jong Wai
Pages : 241 -254
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (509 KB)]

Torque ripple reduction in DTC of induction motor driven by three-level inverter with low switching frequency
Kyo-Beum Lee; Joong-Ho Song; Ick Choy; Ji-Yoon Yoo
Pages : 255 -264
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (476 KB)]

Position control of ultrasonic motors using MRAC and dead-zone compensation with fuzzy inference
Senjyu, T.; Kashiwagi, T.; Uezato, K.
Pages : 265 -272
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (343 KB)]

Shunt active power filter synthesizing resistive loads
Nunez-Zuniga, T.E.; Pomilio, J.A.
Pages : 273 -278
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (274 KB)]

Vector current controlled voltage source converter-deadbeat control and saturation strategies
Ottersten, R.; Svensson, J.
Pages : 279 -285
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (315 KB)]

Switching frequency imposition and ripple reduction in DTC drives by using a multilevel converter
Martins, C.A.; Roboam, X.; Meynard, T.A.; Carvalho, A.S.
Pages : 286 - 297
Lien : private/MARTINS1.pdf [PDF Full-Text (705 KB)]

  [1] :  [ART307]  C.A. MARTINS, X. ROBOAM, T.A. MEYNARD, A.S. CARVALHO, Switching frequency imposition and ripple reduction in DTC drives by using a multilevel converter, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol. 17, Issue 2, March 2002, pp. 286-297.

Reviewers List
Pages : 298 - 299
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (142 KB)]

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