IEEE Transactions on "Power Electronics", Volume 17, Issue 5, September 2002.
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Revue : [REVUE366]

Titre : IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume 17, Issue 5, September 2002.

Cité dans : [DIV367]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, août 2013.

Volume : 17
Issue : 5
Date : September 2002

Control of circulating current in two parallel three-phase boost rectifiers
Zhihong Ye; Boroyevich, D.; Jae-Young Choi; Lee, F.C.
Pages : 609 -615
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (331 KB)]

New control scheme of three-phase PWM AC/DC converter without phase angle detection under the unbalanced input voltage conditions
Sung-Chan Ahn; Dong-Seok Hyun
Pages : 616 -622
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (326 KB)]

Single current sensor control for single-phase active power factor correction
Qiu, D.-Y.; Yip, S.-C.; Chung, H.S.H.; Hui, S.Y.R.
Pages : 623 -632
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (411 KB)]

Analysis and passivity-based control of zero-voltage-transition PWM converters
Xiaofen Shi; Chok-You Chan
Pages : 633 -640
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (327 KB)]

Novel zero-voltage and zero-current-switching (ZVZCS) full-bridge PWM converter using coupled output inductor
Hang-Seok Choi; Jung-Won Kim; Bo Hyung Cho
Pages : 641 -648
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (321 KB)]

Analysis and design considerations of a load and line independent zero voltage switching full bridge DC/DC converter topology
Jain, P.K.; Wen Kang; Soin, H.; Youhao Xi
Pages : 649 -657
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (420 KB)]

A zero-voltage transition boost converter using zero-voltage switching auxiliary circuit
Gurunathan, R.; Bhat, A.K.S.
Pages : 658 -668
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (474 KB)]

Adaptive piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit for wireless remote power supply
Ottman, G.K.; Hofmann, H.F.; Bhatt, A.C.; Lesieutre, G.A.
Pages : 669 -676
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (348 KB)]

A novel tri-state boost converter with fast dynamics
Viswanathan, K.; Oruganti, R.; Srinivasan, D.
Pages : 677 -683
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (431 KB)]

Unified steady-state analysis of soft-switching DC-DC converters Abu-Qahouq, J.; Batarseh, I.
Pages : 684 -691
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (342 KB)]

A novel suppressed-link rectifier-inverter topology with near unity power factor
Maswood, A.I.; Yusop, A.K.; Rahman, M.A.
Pages : 692 -700
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (361 KB)]

Instantaneous power compensation in three-phase systems by using p-q-r theory
Hyosung Kim; Blaabjerg, F.; Bak-Jensen, B.; Jaeho Choi
Pages : 701 -710
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (539 KB)]

Spectral analysis of instantaneous powers in single-phase and three-phase systems with use of p-q-r theory
Hyosung Kim; Blaabjerg, F.; Bak-Jensen, B.
Pages : 711 -720
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (351 KB)]

The matrix converter drive performance under abnormal input voltage conditions
Jun-Koo Kang; Hara, H.; Hava, A.M.; Yamamoto, E.; Watanabe, E.;
Kume, T.
Pages : 721 -730
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (437 KB)]

A hysteresis current control for single-phase multilevel voltage source inverters: PLD implementation
Zare, F.; Ledwich, G.
Pages : 731 -738
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (344 KB)]

A dead-beat type digital controller for the direct torque control of an induction motor
Joong-Hui Lee; Chang-Gyun Kim; Myung-Joong Youn
Pages : 739 -746
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (324 KB)]

Current-mode control for sensorless BDCM drive with intelligent commutation tuning
Hung-Chi Chen; Chang-Ming Liaw
Pages : 747 -756
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (410 KB)]

Accurate rotor position detection and sensorless control of SRM for super-high speed operation
Longya Xu; Chuanyang Wang
Pages : 757 -763
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (286 KB)]

IPM synchronous machine drive response to a single-phase open circuit fault
Welchko, B.A.; Jahns, T.M.; Hiti, S.
Pages : 764 -771
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (389 KB)]

A deadbeat current controller for field oriented induction motor drives
Sheng-Ming Yang; Chen-Haur Lee
Pages : 772 -778
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (289 KB)]

FOC and DTC: two viable schemes for induction motors torque control
Casadei, D.; Profumo, F.; Serra, G.; Tani, A.
Pages : 779 -787
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (335 KB)]

Extension of operation of space vector PWM strategies with low switching frequencies using different overmodulation algorithms
Narayanan, G.; Ranganathan, V.T.
Pages : 788 -798
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (424 KB)]

A new approach to mitigate nuisance tripping of PWM ASDs due to utility capacitor switching transients (CSTs)
Duran-Gomez, J.L.; Enjeti, P.N.
Pages : 799 -806
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (479 KB)]

A three-phase parallel active power filter operating with PCC voltage compensation with consideration for an unbalanced load
Woo-Cheol Lee; Taeck-Kie Lee; Dong-Seok Hyun
Pages : 807 -814
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (416 KB)]

On-state analytical modeling of IGBTs with local lifetime control
Xiaolu Yuan; Udrea, F.; Lee Coulbeck; Waind, P.; Amaratunga, G.
Pages : 815 -823
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (412 KB)]

Performance improvement of the dynamic voltage restorer with closed-loop load voltage and current-mode control
Vilathgamuwa, M.; Perera, A.A.D.R.; Choi, S.S.
Pages : 824 -834
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (448 KB)]

Accurate prediction of high-frequency power-transformer losses and temperature rise
Sippola, M.; Sepponen, R.E.
Pages : 835 -847
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (497 KB)]

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