N. EL-OUAFI, K. AL-HADDAD, "AC/DC series resonant converter with unity power factor", HFPC 1994, pp. 575-585.
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Titre : N. EL-OUAFI, K. AL-HADDAD, AC/DC series resonant converter with unity power factor, HFPC 1994, pp. 575-585.

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Auteur : El-Ouafi, N.
Auteur : Al-Haddad, K. (Groupe de recherche en electron., Ecole de Technol. Superieure, Montreal, Que., Canada)

Source : Technical Papers on the Ninth International High Frequency Power Conversion 1994 Conference
Info : Ventura, CA, USA: Intertec Int, 1994.
Pages : 575 - 585 of vi+585 pp.
Références : 5 refs.
Conference : San Jose, CA, USA.
Date : 17-21 April 1994
ISBN : 0-931033-47-0
Info : Country of Publication : United States
Language : English
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU, le 14 février 2001

Abstract :
In this article, the authors propose a new control law to improve
the power factor of an AC/DC high power density resonant converter.
A modified topology of the series resonant converter is therefore
studied and analyzed. By adjusting the control signals of the
inverter zero current turn off switches a sinusoidal current is
therefore drawn from the utility side. Both amplitude and phase
shift can be adjusted separately. This topology assures a high power
density AC to DC unity power factor converter. The state plane
method of analysis is used to determine the static and dynamic
characteristics of the proposed scheme. Design example of a 500 W,
100 kHz unit based on the steady state characteristics, and
simulation results obtained by a dedicated program for different
operating points are given and analyzed; finally, performance
evaluation of the new control strategy is detailed.

Accession_Number : 1996:5176156 INSPEC

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