R. SIMARD, A. CHERITI, T.A. MEYNARD, K.A.-H. VENKATACHARI, "A Eprom-Based PWM Modulator for a Three-Phase Soft Commutated Inverter"
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Titre : R. SIMARD, A. CHERITI, T.A. MEYNARD, K.A.-H. VENKATACHARI, A Eprom-Based PWM Modulator for a Three-Phase Soft Commutated Inverter

Auteur : Rémy Simard
Auteur : Ahmed Cheriti
Auteur : Thierry A. Meynard
Auteur : Kamal Al-Haddad Venkatachari
Auteur : Rajagopalan, V - Group de Recherche en Electron. Ind., Quebec Univ., Trois-Rivieres, Que., Canada

Revue : IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Volume : 38
Numéro : 1
Date : fevrier 1991
Pages : 79 - 81

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Info. : 0278-0046/91/0200-0059 $1.00 @ 1991 IEEE
ISSN : 0278-0046
References : 7
Accession_Number : 3889679

Abstract :
A fully digital erasable programmable ROM (EPROM)-based pulse
width modulator (PWM) that receives voltage and frequency control
commands independently at the input and could be used in AC
variable-speed drives is described. This modulator is simpler and
dynamically better than one built using a microcomputer. A high-1
resolution (one in 256) is obtained, and up to eight different
PWM switching strategies can be easily implemented. Changes in
the voltage or frequency commands are transient free. Some
experimental results are presented.

Subject_terms :
voltage control; EPROM-based PWM modulator; three-phase soft
commutated inverter; digital erasable programmable ROM; pulse
width modulator; frequency control; AC variable-speed drives;
high-1 resolution; commutation; EPROM; frequency control;
invertors; modulators; voltage control

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