M. OHRING, "The Materials Science of Thin Films", A Publication of Academic Press U.S.A., december 1991.
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Titre : M. OHRING, The Materials Science of Thin Films, A Publication of Academic Press U.S.A., december 1991.

Auteur : Milton Ohring, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey .

Affiliation : Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey

Published : December 1991
Lien : ohring3.gif - 176x225, 18 Ko.
ISBN : 012524990X

Cité dans :[LIVRE061] M. OHRING, Reliability and failure of Electronic Materials and Devices, Academic Press, may 1998.
Cité dans :[LIVRE119] M. OHRING, Engineering Materials Science, A Publication of Academic Press U.S.A., November 1995.
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--"Ohring's very timely and excellent book fills a long-existing need in materials education at the graduate level....
The book is very well written, presented, and illustrated. It will prove useful to the scientist or engineer in coatings,
to the college senior working on a project, and especially to graduate students in materials science and engineering and
to faculty involved in teaching or research in the area of thin films. An excellent acquisition for an academic library."

--"There is a need for new, comprehensive texts and references in [advanced materials processing] and its subdisciplines.
This has been especially true for thin films, and of the several recent books on the subject, Milton Ohring's extensive
volume is without doubt the best." --NATURE

--"The author writes in a fluent and engaging style which the student should have little trouble in understanding. His
examples and technical insights do a great deal to make his text readable..." --R.J. BORG

--"The combination of teaching, research, and industrial involvement has provide Profesor Ohring with a broad perspective
of thin film science and technoloy and tremendous insight into the needs of students entering this exciting field. His
insight and experience are quite evident in this textbook." --JOHN L. VOSSEN, John Vossen Associates, Inc.

--"The text is easy to read, technically correct, unfolds in a logical manner, and includes a large number of important
features related to thin films. I congratulate the author for proposing a thoughtful treatment of this increasingly popular
subject." --CHARLES L. BAUER, Carnegie Mellon University

--"Professor Milt Ohring has a long and unique perspective of thin film science from his dealings with academia and
industry. This book represents his accumulated experiences of teaching and research. Thin film science is at the heart of
many of our most advanced technologies. This book should prove invaluable not only to the university student but also to
the professional who needs a broad overview of this important field." --J.M. POATE, AT&T Bell Laboratories

This is the first available textbook to provide comprehensive coverage of the science and technology of thin films and
coatings. Developed for upper-level undergraduate and beginning graduate students, the book discusses physical and
chemical vapor deposition processes; phenomena involving nucleation and growth, stress, diffusion and reaction; structural
and chemical characterization techniques; and applications involving coatings, magnetic and optical recording materials,
integrated optics, and quantum devices. The book includes chapters on epitaxy and surface modification in addition to
discussing emerging technologies such as diamond films and high Tc superconductors. Complete problem sets are provided
at the end of each chapter to facilitate self-study.

Key_Features :
The first true textbook to provide broad coverage of thin films from processing to performance.
Covers film materials used in microelectronics, magnetic applications, optics, and metallurgical and protective coatings.
Includes chapters on epitaxy, surface modification using laser and ion beams, and emerging thin film materials and
Extensive treatment is given to chemical vapor deposition, diffusion and reactions, and stress in films.
Provides complete exercise sets to facilitate study.

A Review of Materials Science.
Vacuum Science and Technology.
Physical Vapor Deposition.
Chemical Vapor Deposition.
Film Formation and Structure.
Characterization of Thin Films.
Interdiffusion and Reactions in Thin Films.
Mechanical Properties of Thin Films.
Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Thin Films.
Optical Properties of Thin Films.
Metallurgical and Protective Coatings.
Modification of Surfaces and Films.
Emerging Thin-Film Materials and Applications.

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