M. OHRING, "Reliability and failure of Electronic Materials and Devices", Academic Press, may 1998.
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Titre : M. OHRING, Reliability and failure of Electronic Materials and Devices, Academic Press, may 1998.

Auteur : Milton OHRING
Affiliation : Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey

Année : 1998/05
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Cité dans : [DIV137]  Recherche sur les mots clés : FIABILIT* ou RELIABILITY, octobre 1999.
Cité dans :[LIVRE119] M. OHRING, Engineering Materials Science, A Publication of Academic Press U.S.A., November 1995.
Cité dans :[LIVRE120] M. OHRING, The Materials Science of Thin Films, A Publication of Academic Press U.S.A., december 1991.
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ISBN : 0125249853.

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Date_d'achat : 23 juin 1998
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Suitable as a reference work for reliability professionals or as a text for advanced undergraduate or graduate students,
this book introduces the reader to the widely dispersed reliability literature of microelectronic and electronic-optional
devices. Reliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and Devices integrates a treatment of chip and packaging level
failures within the context of the atomic mechanisms and models used to explain degradation, and the statistical handling
of lifetime data. Electromigration, dielectric radiation damage and the mechanical failure of contacts and solder joints
are among the failure mechanisms considered. An underlying thread of the book concerns product defects--their relation to
yield and reliability, the role they play in failure, and the way they are experimentally exposed. The reader will gain a
deeper physical understanding of failure mechanisms in electronic materials and devices, acquire skills in the mathematical
handling of reliability data, and better appreciate future technology trends and the reliability issues they raise.

Combines presentation of principles and mathematics of reliability and of microelectronic processing and component
fabrication with an in-depth discussion of the physics of the failure mechanisms
Discusses stress failure modes, reliability statistics, present case studies and the problem of component
(packaging)-related failure
Discusses reliability and failure on both the chip and packaging levels
Written as a textbook with illustrative chapter problems
Treats role of defects in yield and reliability
Includes a tutorial chapter on the mathematics of reliability
Focuses on electromigration, dielectric breakdown, hot-electron effects, electrostatic discharge, corrosion, radiation
damage and the mechanical failure of packages, contacts, and solder joints

Dr. Milton Ohring is the author of two successful AP titles: The Materials Science of Thin Films and Engineering Materials
Science. He has been a professor of Materials Science and engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology for more than 30
years. During this time he has also collaborated with the IBM Research Center and AT&T Bell Laboratories in studies of
electromigration in thin films. In addition, as coordinator of a graduate educational program at Bell Laboratories, he has
both organized and taught courses on Reliability and Failure in Electronics.

An Overview of Electronic Devices and Their Reliability.
Electronic Devices: How They Operate and Are Fabricated.
Defects, Contaminants, and Yield.
The Mathematics of Failure and Reliability.
Mass Transport-Induced Failure.
Electronic Charge-Induced Damage.
Environmental Damage to Electronic
Packaging Materials, Processes and Stresses.
Degradation of Contacts and Package Interconnections.
Degradation and Failure of Electro-Optical Materials and Devices.
Characterization and Failure Analysis of Materials and Devices.
Future Directions and Reliability Issues.

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