First Issue
Advances & Applications for Micro & Nano Systems
20-21 October 2004

ESIEE, Noisy le Grand - Paris - France.

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  • General Information

  • First Annoucement
  • Updated on August 10, 2004.
    A satellite event of EMN04:
    MIMOSA Workshop 19 October 2004
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      Aim of Workshop

    While advances in micro and nanoscale science have been going on for more than two decades and have led to exciting discoveries and inventions, we are now at the cross-roads where one could envision to built systems based on micro and nanoscale technologies.

    ASME (French Section) and ASME Nanotechnology Institute, in association with TIMA and ESIEE and with the sponsorship of several French Societies and Institutions thought that a meeting would help Europe to tackle the challenge to design, synthesize and integrate micro and nanostructures to develop functional systems. The idea of the European Micro and Nano Systems 2004 (EMN04) was born. The aim of EMN04 is to bring together a multidisciplinary group of scientists, engineers and users to discuss issues related to research, fabrication and commercialization of independent or combined micro and nanosystems.

    We look forward to welcoming you at EMN04.

    TIMA Laboratory
    Chair, EMN04 Scientific Committee.

    The main topics to be discussed during the meeting are the following:

      Industrial aspects
    • Commercialization of µ & n systems
    • Information technology based applications
    • Biological technology based applications
    • Energy technology based applications
    • Medical technology based applications
      Research aspects
    1. µ & n materials
      1. silicon
      2. polymers
      3. ceramics
      4. material testing and characterization
    2. µ & n fabrication / manufacturing
      1. ultrasonic
      2. erosion
      3. machining
      4. printing
    3. µ & n mechanics / devices
      1. fluidics
      2. actuators
      3. robotics
      4. motors
      5. optics
    4. µ & n design / integration
      1. self-assembly
      2. computational tools
      3. multiscale modeling
      4. use of µ for n exploration
    5. µ & n electronics
      1. circuits and architectures
      2. molecular electronics, spintronics, magnetics
      3. tubes and wires
      4. scaling
    • The programme includes 5 invited talks, 46 oral presentations and 31 poster presentations. Oral contributions consist of 15 mn presentations followed by 5 min. discussion. The posters will be presented in one session Wednesday 20 October, 18:30-19:30. They will be mounted during the lunch time. Authors are expected to be at their posters during the posters viewing session. The posters will be removed by the end of the EMN04.
      EMN04 received a total of 100 submissions.
      Contribution to NANOPOLIS
    • NANOPOLIS is a portal including thousands of screens of nanotechnology content for the benefit of research, education and industry. Multimedia presentations of selected contributions to EMN04 will be included in Nanopolis.

      Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee of the EMN04

    More information on the meeting is available from:
    Bernard COURTOIS
    46 avenue Félix Viallet
    38031 Grenoble Cedex
    Tel.: +33 4 76 57 46 15
    Fax: +33 4 76 47 38 14
    Daniel H. FRUMAN
    16 Allée Bellevue
    78230 Le Pecq
    Tel.: +33 1 39 17 00 13
    Fax: +33 1 39 17 00 13
    ASME Nanotechnology Institute
    Three Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10016
    Tel.: +1 212 591 7789
    Fax: +1 212 591 7059

      Social Event

    On 20 October 2004, 19:30: buses departure to the Restaurant on the banks of the Marne river.


    While the meeting organisation makes every effort in order to ensure the safety and well being of all the meeting participants and associates, the organizers cannot take responsibility for any accident or damage that may occur during the meeting.


    Proceedings of EMN04 will be available at the meeting as part of the registration fee. If you cannot attend, you may still order Proceedings at the price of 35 Euros (order form available on the conference web site, the sending of the Proceeding package will be done after the meeting, and if the payment is received).


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