L. BALOGH, "SLUA122 - The New UC3879 Phase Shifted PWM Controller Simplifies the Design of Zero Voltage Transition Full-Bridge Converters", Texas Instruments, Application Report, 1999, 9 pages.
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Titre : L. BALOGH, SLUA122 - The New UC3879 Phase Shifted PWM Controller Simplifies the Design of Zero Voltage Transition Full-Bridge Converters, Texas Instruments, Application Report, 1999, 9 pages.

Cité dans : [DIV095]  Librairie TEXAS INSTRUMENTS - UNITRODE et Notes d'applications diverses, octobre 2013.
Cité dans : [DIV302]  M. DENNIS, SLUA246 - A Comparison Between the BiCMOS UCC3895 Phase Shift Controller and the UC3975, Unitrode Products from Texas Instruments, Application Report, September 2000, 3 pages.

Date : 1999
Pages : 1 - 9
Lien : SLUA122.pdf - 275 Ko, 9 pages.

This Application Note will introduce the UC3879
integrated circuit and compare its performance to
its predecessors, the UC3875/6/7/8 controller fami-ly.
These integrated circuits provide all necessary
control, decoding, protection and drive functions to
successfully manage the operation of the full-bridge
converter with phase-shifted control. This
integrated solution greatly simplifies the design
procedure and offers significant savings in develop-ment
time and printed circuit board real-estate for
the designer.
Using the conventional full-bridge topology with
phase-shifted control technique has already
demonstrated its superiority in medium to high
power, DC-to-DC power conversion. This control
method provides well controlled dv/dt values and
zero-voltage switching of all primary side semicon-ductors
in the power stage over nearly all operating
conditions. Several publications [1-8] discussed the
details of operation including equivalent circuits for
the resonant transitions for both legs of the bridge
converter, conditions for zero-voltage switching and
describing further improvement possibilities. The
major benefits offered by this approach are a sim-pler
power stage than its hard switched counter-part,
utilizing circuit parasitics instead of being
penalized by them, improved efficiency and lower
EMI level. These significant advantages are realized
with a slightly more complex control algorithm.



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