W. ANDREYCAK, "SLUA107 - Phase Shifted, Zero Voltage Transition Design Considerations", Texas Instruments, Application Report, May 1997, 15 pages.
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Titre : W. ANDREYCAK, SLUA107 - Phase Shifted, Zero Voltage Transition Design Considerations, Texas Instruments, Application Report, May 1997, 15 pages.

Cité dans : [DIV095]  Librairie TEXAS INSTRUMENTS - UNITRODE et Notes d'applications diverses, octobre 2013.
Cité dans : [DIV302]  M. DENNIS, SLUA246 - A Comparison Between the BiCMOS UCC3895 Phase Shift Controller and the UC3975, Unitrode Products from Texas Instruments, Application Report, September 2000, 3 pages.

Date : May 1997
Pages : 1 - 15
Lien : SLUA107.pdf - 458 Ko, 15 pages.

This Application Note will highlight the design considerations incurred in a high frequency power supply us-
ing the Phase Shifted Resonant PWM control technique. An overview of this switching technique including
comparisons to existing fixed frequency non-resonant and variable frequency Zero Voltage Switching is in-
cluded. Numerous design equations and associated voltage, current and timing waveforms supporting this
technique will be highlighted. A general purpose Phase Shifted converter design guide and procedure will
be introduced to assist in weighing the various design tradeoffs. An experimental 500 Watt, 48 volt at 10.5
amp power supply design operating from a preregulated 400 volt DC input will be presented as an exam-
ple. Considerations will be given to the details of the magnetic, power switching and control circuitry areas.
A summary of comparative advantages, differences and tradeoffs to other conversion alternatives is included.



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