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CIPS 2002 - 2nd International Conference on Integrated Power Systems

June, 11-12, 2002 in Bremen/Germany

Chairmen's message
We are pleased to invite you to CIPS 2002, the second International Conference on Integrated Power Systems in Bremen.

Power electronics development during the next two decades will be driven by requirements for intelligent energy management, improved power quality and system miniaturization at a high level of reliability. This will be achieved by the high tech-nology level in monolithic and hybrid system integration, as well as new power semiconductor concepts and new ideas on packaging.

Power electronics represents a strategically important prere-quisite for innovations and competitiveness in industrial elec-tronic home appliances, automotive electronics and high den-sity power conversion.

The intelligent actuator with communication modems requires integration of highly sophisticated microelectronics with optimi-sed power electronic components integrated in a mechanical system. While the system integration in automobile application

has already achieved a high level, we are right at the beginning concerning system integration in industrial applications.

A completely new approach, with many different applications is the monolithic integration of circuit topologies in the voltage range up to 600V. The preferred solution for high power systems is the hybrid integration of optimised power compo-nents and microelectronic ICs.

This new Conference on Integrated Power Systems (CIPS) should become a platform where experts, working in these areas, have the chance to discuss their results and get new ideas for future ways of system integration. To meet the high requirements of CIPS we asked experts working in the field of Q power electronic system development Q power semiconductor development

  • IC design
  • mechanical engineering

to give their statements and to present their suggestions for future developments.

The conference will cover four main topics:

  • Integration of Power Electronic Systems at High Power Densities
  • Power Integration Technologies
  • Integration of Power Electronic Systems in Medium and Low Power Motor Drive Units
  • Hybrid or Monolithic Integrated Power Electronic Systems in Automotive Applications

Beside papers showing key technologies, there is a strong focus on panel discussions. In CIPS 2002 the Rap Session will especially focus on technologies for High Power Densities.

Participants of the conference are invited to present their ideas and experience in the area of system integration.

The Program Committee and the organisers are pleased to welcome you at the second International CIPS Conference 2002 in Bremen.

Leo Lorenz Dieter Silber
Vice General Chairman Technical Chairman

Who should attend
The conference will be a technical and scientific forum for engineers engaged in
  • System development
  • Component development
  • Research
  • Application

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Organized by
The conference is organized by ETG, the Energy Technology Society of VDE, sponsored by
  • IEEE German Section
  • Bremen Center of Mechatronics (BCM), Microsystem Center Bremen (MCB), (University of Bremen)
  • VDE/VDI Society Microelectronics, Micro- and Precision Engineering (GMM)
  • Infineon Technologies AG, Munich
  • Power Electronics Europe (PEE), Munich
VDE, the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies is one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe with more than 35,000 members.

Not only engineers belong to the VDE but also scientists of various other disciplines, students and over 1.200 companies in the electrical, electronic and information technology industry, the electric utilities, federal authorities and institutions.

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The ”Maritim Hotel and Congress-Centrum Bremen“ presents first-class congress facilities, just three minutes’ walk away from the main railway station. The international airport is linked to major european cities.

As the “Bürgerpark” and the ”Altstadt“ (Old Town of Bremen) are within view, it is convenient to start for a relaxing walk in between. A visit to the historical Market Square and a tour through the pic-turesque alleys of the “Schnoor” district are just two examples of the varied cultural attractions Bremen has to offer.

In the past 1.200 years, Bremen has played a major role among the towns of the medieval Hanseatic League and became city republic in the tradition of an important trading centre.

Further information may be obtained from: www.Bremen-tourism.de

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In parallel to CIPS 2002, ACTUATOR 2002 the 8th International Conference on New Actuators and the 2ndInternational Exhibition on Smart Actuators and Drive Systems takes place at the same venue. This is an unique chance to experience theo-retical discussions and practical applicaton side by side and between researchers and field engineers.
  • The 8th International Conference on New Actuators provides a major meeting place for the exchange of information on new results from the research and development of high-technolo-gy actuators and their implementation into new products.
  • The 2ndInternational Exhibition on Smart Actuators and Drive Systems will present components, system approaches and applications of smart actuators, low-power electroma-gnetic drives and related topics. The enlarged range of topics also includes measurement techniques, control con-cepts and units, system integration, CAD tools etc.
  • Further information may be obtained from the organiser:

    D-28209 Bremen
    Phone: +49 421 35 05-363
    Fax: +49 421 35 05-340
    E-mail: actuator@messe-bremen.de
    Internet: http://www.actuator.de
Registered participants of CIPS 2002 may take advantage of a 50 percent discount when visiting ACTUATOR 2002.

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ETG 4/2002