S. AZZOPARDI, M. TRIVEDI, C. ZARDINI, K. SHENAI, "Non-destructive extraction of technological parameters for numerical simulation of conventional planar punch-through IGBT", Solid-State Electronics, Volume 44, Issues 11, , pp. .
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Titre : S. AZZOPARDI, M. TRIVEDI, C. ZARDINI, K. SHENAI, Non-destructive extraction of technological parameters for numerical simulation of conventional planar punch-through IGBT, Solid-State Electronics, Volume 44, Issues 11, , pp. .

Auteur : S. Azzopardi (a)
Auteur : M. Trivedi (b)
Auteur : C. Zardini (a)
Auteur : K. Shenai (b)

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Source : Solid-State Electronics
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Abstract :
Two dimensional (2D) physics-based simulation of power semiconductor devices
provides valuable information about the dynamic mechanisms within the devices,
thus improving the understanding of device performance in various applications.
Numerical simulation requires several technological parameters such as doping,
dimensions of various regions and carrier lifetime. Destructive methods are
available, but they are quite expensive and require sophisticated equipment.
This article describes an original non-destructive technological parameter
extraction methodology for conventional planar punch-through (PT) insulated gate
bipolar transistor (IGBT) based on simple electrical measurements to obtain an
equivalent physics-based model of the real device. To verify the accuracy of
these extracted parameters, a 2D PT-IGBT structure is implemented in a
physics-based finite element simulator. A good match between simulated and
experimental results validates this methodology.
Author Keywords: Punch-through insulated gate bipolar transistor; Technological
parameters; Non-destructive extraction method; Device modeling; Electro-thermal
device simulation

Article Outline
1. Introduction
2. Two-dimensional device simulator
3. Device physical parameters
4. Electrical measurements on planar PT-IGBT
4.1. Breakdown voltage measurement
4.1.1. Reverse blocking voltage
4.1.2. Forward blocking voltage
4.2. Threshold voltage measurement
4.3. Output characteristics
4.4. Hard-switching measurements
4.5. Influence of temperature
5. Extraction method validation
6. Discussion and conclusion



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