"Improved circuit of AC choppers for single-phase systems.
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Article : [ART389]

Info : REPONSE 15, le 06/04/2003.

Titre : Improved circuit of AC choppers for single-phase systems.

Cité dans : [DIV393]  Recherche sur les SINGLE PHASE AC CHOPPER, mars 2003.
Auteur : El-Latif Ahmed, Nabil Abd (Toyama Univ, Toyama, Jpn)
Auteur : Amei, Kenji
Auteur : Sakui, Masaaki

Meeting : Proceedings of the 1997 Power Conversion Conference.Part 2 (of 2).

Info : organization : IEE Japan; IEEE
Location : Nagaoka, Jpn
Date : 03 Aug 1997-06 Aug 1997

Source : PCC-Nagaoka Proceedings of the Power Conversion Conference - Nagaoka, PCC v 2 1997.IEEE, Piscataway, NJ,
USA,97TH8266.p 907-912
CODEN : 002755
Année : 1997
Meeting_Number : 47766
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Application
Language : English
Stockage :
Switches :
Power :
Software :

Abstract :
In this paper, an improved circuit of AC choppers for single-phase systems are proposed and investigated. This new circuit
employs a DC chopper modulated switch with a diode bridge rectifier and two switches to provide freewheeling path for the load
current when the modulated switch is off. The attractive feature of this improved circuit is that, it uses only a single modulated
switch. The improved circuit has many advantages compared with the conventional ac choppers such as simple design
requirements, easy implementation, higher power capacity, fast dynamic response, high reliability, high power factor, low cost, low
switching loss and consequently high efficiency. By digital simulation several characteristics are investigated.(Author abstract) 12

Accession_Number : 1998(14):7047 COMPENDEX

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