"Single-phase PWM current source type converter coupled with an ac chopper", 1998.
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Article : [ART388]

Info : REPONSE 14, le 06/04/2003.

Titre : Single-phase PWM current source type converter coupled with an ac chopper, 1998.

Cité dans : [DIV393]  Recherche sur les SINGLE PHASE AC CHOPPER, mars 2003.
Auteur : Neba, Yasuhiko (Fukuoka Univ, Fukuoka, Jpn)

Source : Electrical Engineering in Japan (English translation of Denki Gakkai Ronbunshi) v 123 n 3 May 1998.p 36-45
ISSN : 0424-7760
Année : 1998
Document_Type : Journal
Treatment_Code : Theoretical
Language : English
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Switches :
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Abstract :
A current source type converter can easily generate a sinusoidal current on the ac side by employing a PWM strategy.In the
converter system for a single-phase supply, however, the dc current pulsates because the dc output voltage of the converter
contains an ac component with twice the ac supply frequency.The dc current pulsations cause the ac current waveform to be
distorted.Although the use of a dc reactor with large inductance reduces the dc current pulsations, the size and the weight of
converter equipment including adc reactor is large.Two-phase rectification using two full-bridge converters and a converter system
with an ac chopper circuit has been proposed for elimination of the dc pulsations.In these converters, the number of switching
devices comprising the circuit will unavoidably increase.To solve this problem, we propose a novel single-phase current source
type converter coupled with an ac chopper circuit and the PWM method.In this circuit, two switching devices in the main bridge
are used to form an ac chopper bridge with two added devices and a capacitor.This paper gives the experimental and theoretical
waveforms and the steady-state characteristics.The results prove that a smooth dc current and a sinusoidal ac current are
obtained, and that a great reduction of the dc inductance can be achieved by using the proposed converter. (Author abstract) 17

Accession_Number : 1998(32):1250 COMPENDEX

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