"New configuration of single-phase symmetrical PWM AC chopper voltage controller.
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Article : [ART387]

Info : REPONSE 10, le 06/04/2003.

Titre : New configuration of single-phase symmetrical PWM AC chopper voltage controller.

Cité dans : [DIV393]  Recherche sur les SINGLE PHASE AC CHOPPER, mars 2003.
Auteur : Ahmed, Nabil A. (Toyama Univ, Toyama, Jpn)
Auteur : Amei, Kenji
Auteur : Sakui, Masaaki

Source : IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics v 46 n 5 1999.p 942-952
ISSN : 0278-0046
Année : 1999
Document_Type : Journal
Treatment_Code : Theoretical; Experimental
Language : English
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Switches :
Power :
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Abstract :
With the increased availability of power MOSFET's and insulated gate bipolar transistors, a new generation of simple choppers for
ac inductive loads is foreseen. These new power semiconductors ease the use of forced commutations of thyristor switches to
improve the supply power factor, even with highly inductive loads. The ac controllers with thyristor technology can be replaced by
pulsewidth modulation (PWM) ac chopper controllers which have important advantages. In this paper, a symmetrical PWM ac
chopper designed to operate with single-phase inductive loads with a reduced number of controlled switches is described. The
operation as a variable voltage source of this converter is evaluated. This includes the conversion characteristics, harmonic
generation, harmonic distortion factor, and input power factor. By digital simulation, these characteristics are investigated
theoretically, and to correlate the measurements with theory, an experimental setup is presented to confirm the analytical
analysis.(Author abstract) 18 Refs.

Accession_Number : 2000(10):4750 COMPENDEX

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