I. MILOSALJEVIC, D. BOROJEVIC, I. CELANOVIC, "Modularized communication and control structure for power converters", EPE Proceedings, Septembre 1999.
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Article : [ART292]

Titre : I. MILOSALJEVIC, D. BOROJEVIC, I. CELANOVIC, Modularized communication and control structure for power converters, EPE Proceedings, Septembre 1999.

Cité dans :[99DIV076] EPE'99, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, Lausanne, Suisse, 7-9 septembre 1999.
Cité dans :[THESE125]
Auteur : Ivana Milosaljevic - (a)
Auteur : Dusan Borojevic - (b)
Auteur : Ivan Celanovic - (b)

Adresse : (a) Visteon Automotive Systems - 17000 Rotunda Dr, B205, Dearbom, MI 48121
Tel. : (313) 322-4663
Lien : mailto:imilosav@vt.edu

Adresse : (b) CPES, Virginia Tech - 140 Whittemore Hall, Blacksburg, V A 24061
Tel. : (540) 231-5494
Lien : mailto:dushan@vt.edu
Lien : mailto:vaniacel@vpec.vt.edu

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Date : 7-9 septembre 1999
Pages : 1 - 10
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Keywords : converter control, data transmission, three-phase systems

Abstract :
Control structure of today's digitally controlled power converters does not fully utilize benefits
of digital communication. This paper proposes a new modularized control structure, defines
communication requirements and presents a new high-speed digital control network, with synchronization
capabilities, that is more appropriate for these systems.



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