P. LALL, M. PECHT, E.B. HAKIM, "Characterization of functional relationship between temperature and microelectronic reliability", Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 35, Issues 3, March 1995, pp. 377-402.
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Titre : P. LALL, M. PECHT, E.B. HAKIM, Characterization of functional relationship between temperature and microelectronic reliability, Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 35, Issues 3, March 1995, pp. 377-402.

Cité dans :[REVUE313] Elsevier Science, Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 35, Issue 3, Pages 325-635, March 1995.
Auteur : Pradeep Lall,
Auteur : Michael Pecht,
Auteur : Edward B. Hakim

Vers : Bibliographie
Adresse : (1) CALCE Electronic Packaging Research Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742 USA
Adresse : (2) Army Research Laboratory, Component Reliability Branch, Electronics and Power Sources Directorate, AMSRL-EP-RA Fort Monmouth, NJ 07703-5601 USA
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Source : Microelectronics Reliability
Volume : 35
Issues : 3
Date : March 1995
Pages : 377 - 402
PII : 0026-2714(95)93067-K
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Abstract :
The functional relationship between temperature and microelectronic reliability
is presently characterized by an Arrhenius relationship. The Arrhenius
relationship encourages lowering temperature to achieve reliability goals. In
this paper, the role of temperature in achieving cost-effective reliable
electronic equipment has been investigated. The effect of temperature on
reliability has been evaluated based on failure mechanisms and electrical
parameter variations. The device investigated in this paper is assumed to
consist of a bipolar or MOSFET (silicon) semiconductor device with device
packaging consisting of first-level interconnects that may be wirebonds,
flip-chip, or tape automated bonds, die attachment, substrate attachment, case,
lid, lid seal and lead seal. Failure mechanisms actuated under various
temperature stresses, including steady-state temperature, temperature cycling,
temperature gradients, and time-dependent temperature change, have been
identified for each of the package elements. A methodology for derivation of the
functional relationship between temperature and microelectronic reliability has
been discussed.



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