J.P. BORRELLI, R. BURKHART, "New phase-sensitive technology for capacitor-start motor simplifies application."
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Titre : J.P. BORRELLI, R. BURKHART, New phase-sensitive technology for capacitor-start motor simplifies application.

Cité dans : [DIV398]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications et IEEE Industry Applications Society - IAS, novembre 2005.
Cité dans : [DIV152]  Recherche sur les mots clés : UNIVERSAL MOTOR + SINGLE PHASE
Author : Borrelli, J.P.
Auteur : Burkhart, R. (White-Rodgers Div., Emerson Electr. Co., St. Louis, MO, USA)

Source : IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
Date : March-April 1998
Volume : 34
Numero : 2
Pages : 253 - 257
References : 2 refs.
Infos : Doc. No.: S0093-9994(98)02169-0
Published : IEEE
Price : CCCC 0093-9994/98/$10.00
ISSN : 0093-9994
SICI : 0093-9994(199803/04)34:2L.253:PSTC;1-D
Document Type : Journal
Treatment Code : New Development; Practical
Country of Publication : United States
Language : English

Abstract :
Single-phase capacitor-start induction motors drive the majority of residential room air
conditioning products. Usually, a potential relay controls the start cycle. Proper selection of
the correct relay from the hundreds of available models requires detailed knowledge of the
3 Session Transcript Apr 06 17:06:09 1999
application. We have been searching for a new motor-starting technology with the best
characteristics of both solid-state and electromechanical relays. Our goal was to develop a
universal device with only a few application choices. This hybrid device would
electronically adjust to individual motor-starting requirements and would have the robust
current-handling ability of a mechanical relay. First, this paper describes a new
motor-starting technology that senses phase difference between the mains and start-winding
voltage. This technique applies across a wide range of different motor types. The user need
only specify line voltage for an application. Second, we describe the implementation of this
control using a hard contact for switching the start capacitor and a microcontroller for
implementing the control algorithm. Third, we demonstrate that these devices select the
optimum point to disconnect the start capacitor through graphical display of performance.
Finally, we report on the development and implementation of this new technology.

Accession_Number : 98:5880054

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