C.A. MUENCH, "Protective control circuit against transient voltages", 1971.
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Article : [TRIAC058]

Info : INSPEC Answer Number 1037 - 25/02/2000

Titre : C.A. MUENCH, Protective control circuit against transient voltages, 1971.

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Auteur : Muench, C.A., Jr.

Info : Organization Integrated Systems Inc
Patent : Information USA 3600634
Date : 17 Aug. 1971
Info : Application Date 16 Dec. 1969, Priority Application Information, USA 885485
Document_Type : Patent
Treatment_Code : New Development; Practical
Info : Country of Publication : United States
Language : English

Abstract :
A load protective circuit using a pair of solid state gate
controlled AC switches, each connected from one side of a
transmission line to ground in order to shunt the load terminals of
the load from overvoltages. In the first embodiment, a firing
control resistor connected between the gate terminal of the triac
and ground determines the firing voltage to be presented to the gate
terminal when a transient occurs on the transmission line and
thereby renders the triac conductive if the firing voltage exceeds
the triac threshold voltage. In the second embodiment, the firing
control resistor is a variable potentiometer by which the firing
voltage applied to the gate terminal of the triacs may be varied to
vary the overall protection firing voltage.

Accession_Number : 1971:311637

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