K.-H. SCHRODER, "The future of electrical switching contacts under the influence of electronics", 1988.
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Titre : K.-H. SCHRODER, The future of electrical switching contacts under the influence of electronics, 1988.

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Auteur : K.-H. Schroder - Degussa AG, Hanau, West Germany

Appears : Electrical Contacts, 1988., Proceedings of the Thirty Fourth Meeting of the IEEE Holm Conference on
Pages : 3 - 11
Date : 26-29 Sept. 1988
Info : Total Pages: xix+340
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Abstract :
After a short presentation of the principles of switching of
electromechanical switches, transistors, MOSFETs, thyristors,
triacs, and GTOs (gate turn-offs), the requirements for the
different applications of switching devices are elucidated. The
replacement of electromechanical switches by electronic ones is
considered for energy distribution, energy in industry, control
and regulation, for domestic installations, domestic equipment,
and railways, electric vehicles, and motorcars. It is concluded
that electronic components will not completely replace switching
contacts, but that in the future both types of switch will
complement each other.<>

Subjet_terms :
gate turn-off thyristors; electronic switches; relays; reviews;
electrical switching contacts; transistors; MOSFETs; thyristors;
triacs; GTOs; requirements; applications of switching devices;
replacement of electromechanical switches; energy distribution;
energy in industry; control and regulation; domestic
installations; domestic equipment; railways; electric vehicles;
motorcars; circuit breakers; relays; semiconductor switches;
switches; technological forecasting; thyristors

References : 10
Accession_Number : 3338259

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