D.B. PARKER, A. DASGUPTA, M.G. PECHT, "PWB solder joint life calculations under thermal and vibrational loading", 1991.
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Titre : D.B. PARKER, A. DASGUPTA, M.G. PECHT, PWB solder joint life calculations under thermal and vibrational loading, 1991.

Auteur : Barker D.B.
Auteur : Dasgupta A.
Auteur : Pecht M.G - Maryland Univ., College Park, MD, USA

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Lien : private/DASGUPTA3.pdf - 628 Ko, 9 pages.
Source : Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, 1991. Proceedings., Annual
Pages : 451 - 459
Date : 29-31 Jan. 1991
ISBN : 0-87942-661-6
Info : Total Pages : xx+698
References : 26
Accession_Number : 4050014

Abstract :
The goal of automating printed wiring board (PWB) solder joint
fatigue life calculations into a design environment is to make
reliability assessment information available to the designer as
early as possible, in an easily understood and implemented
manner. The assumptions and details of the fatigue life
calculations under a combined thermal and vibrational load are
discussed. A methodology to evaluate the combined effects of
simultaneous vibration and thermal cycling of solder joints is
presented. This combined loading situation is simulated by
superposing the effects of the vibrational and thermal loads. The
damage due to each load type acting individually is determined
and then superposed to assess the overall effective fatigue life
of the joint. As a first-order approximation, the Palmgren-Miner
linear superposition rule is utilized.

Subject_terms :
thermal load; vibrational loading; printed wiring board; PWB;
solder joint fatigue life; design environment; reliability;
combined loading; Palmgren-Miner linear superposition rule; life
testing; printed circuits; reliability; soldering; vibrations

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