L.O. ERIKSSON, D.E. PICCONE, L.J. WILLINGER, W.H. TOBIN, "Selecting fuses for power semiconductor devices", IEEE Industry Applications Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 5, Sept.-Oct. 1996, pp. 19-23.
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Titre : L.O. ERIKSSON, D.E. PICCONE, L.J. WILLINGER, W.H. TOBIN, Selecting fuses for power semiconductor devices, IEEE Industry Applications Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 5, Sept.-Oct. 1996, pp. 19-23.

Cité dans : [DATA049] Recherche sur l'auteur Dante E. PICCONE, mars 2000.
Cité dans : [DATA043] Silicon Power, Technical papers, mars 2000.
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Auteur : Eriksson, L.O.
Auteur : Piccone, D.E.
Auteur : Willinger, L.J.
Auteur : Tobin, W.H. - Silicon Power Corp., Malvern, PA, USA

Source : IEEE Industry Applications Magazine
Pages : 19 - 23
Date : Sept.-Oct. 1996
Volume : 2
Issue : 5
ISSN : 1077-2618
References : 13
Accession_Number : 5364413
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Abstract :
State-of-the-art thyristors at the high power end utilizing 77
mm-100 mm diameter silicon and associated fuses should require
more precise coordination, particularly because of safety,
reliability, and the high cost of these upscale components. For
these reasons, any enhancement in the subcycle surge ratings of
thyristors is very desirable but should be well verified through
supporting tests. It becomes necessary to combine testing with
computer modeling that can be used to explore higher ratings
potential for specific thyristor and rectifier diode designs
while limiting the number of destroyed devices. The testing will
be paramount for the purpose of exploring potential secondary
failures that may limit reaching the fundamental thermal
limitation of devices under test that are not included in the
computer model. The authors discuss subcycle surge rating, fuse
coordination, semiconductor device evolution, package rupture,
and surge testing.

Subjet_terms :
thyristors; surges; semiconductor device testing; electric fuses;
rectifiers; power semiconductor diodes; semiconductor device
models; power semiconductor devices; fuses selection;
state-of-the-art thyristors; safety; reliability; high cost;
subcycle surge ratings; computer modeling; rectifier diode;
potential secondary failures; fundamental thermal limitation;
package rupture; surge testing

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