I.L. SOMOS, D.E. PICCONE, W.H. TOBIN, "Two-dimensional heat flow in a GTO having a highly interdigitated emitter", 1989.
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Titre : I.L. SOMOS, D.E. PICCONE, W.H. TOBIN, Two-dimensional heat flow in a GTO having a highly interdigitated emitter, 1989.

Cité dans : [DATA042] Recherche sur l'auteur Istvan SOMOS, mars 2000.
Cité dans : [DATA049] Recherche sur l'auteur Dante E. PICCONE, mars 2000.
Cité dans : [CONF040] SEMI-THERM, IEEE Semiconductor Thermal and Temperature Measurement Symposium.
Cité dans :[SHEET213]
Auteur : Somos, I.L.
Auteur : Piccone, D.E.
Auteur : Tobin, W.H. - Somos Electra, Landsdowne, PA, USA

Lien : SHEET213.HTM#Bibliographie - référence [4]
Source : Semiconductor Thermal and Temperature Measurement Symposium, 1989. SEMI-THERM V., Fifth Annual IEEE
Pages : 73 - 80
Date : 7-9 Feb. 1989
Info : Total Pages: 178
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Abstract :
Thermal analogs of thyristors having the form of transmission
lines are used routinely for calculating thermal phenomena, but
they cannot be used for a gate-turnoff (GTO) structure without
the appropriate modifications. The authors show the generation of
a thermal analog for a 77-mm GTO in which the interdigitated
emitter contains 2000 individual islands, whereas the adjoining
strain buffer is a full-area metal plate. The heat transfer from
the island to the substrate, the angle of the heat flow, and the
thermal resistance values of the interdigitated silicon and the
substrate are calculated. The lateral heat flow between adjacent
islands, a transient phenomenon that occurs before thermal
equilibrium is reached, is also represented in the analog.

Subjet_terms :
gate turnoff structure; 2D heat flow; thermal analog;
semiconductor device models; GTO; interdigitated emitter;
thyristors; transmission lines; strain buffer; heat transfer;
heat flow; thermal resistance; lateral heat flow; transient;
thermal equilibrium; heat transfer; semiconductor device models;
thyristors; transients

Accession_Number : 3380987

References : 4

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