"Power semiconductor devices-examination of subcycle surge current ratings as needed for fuse selection"
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Titre : Power semiconductor devices-examination of subcycle surge current ratings as needed for fuse selection

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Auteur : Eriksson, L.O.
Auteur : Piccone, D.E.
Auteur : Willinger, L.J.
Auteur : Tobin, W.H. - Silicon Power Corp., Malvern, PA, USA

Lien : SHEET196.HTM - référence [30]
Source : Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, 1994., Conference Record of the 1994 IEEE
Pages : 1329 - 1335 vol.2
Date : 2-6 Oct. 1994
ISBN : 0-7803-1993-1
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 94CH34520, Total Pages: 3 vol. xxxv+2344
References : 13
Accession_Number : 4852648
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
Lien : private/ERICKSSON.pdf - 551 Ko, 7 pages.

Abstract :
It is well recognized that subcycle Irms/sup 2/t ratings for high
power semiconductor devices and current limiting fuses are not
equivalent because the former are based on single half sine waves
while the latter are based on near triangular waves as associated
with current interruption. Also the difference becomes more
pronounced for thyristors as opposed to rectifier diodes due to
the finite spreading rate of the turned on region which produces
additional heating effects. Although the published
characteristics and application data from fuse manufacturers are
usually adequate, the circuit designer may find difficulty
applying this information to that of the power semiconductor
device. This paper examines concepts for determining reliable
subcycle surge ratings including proof testing the highest power
"state of the art" thyristors and makes recommendation for
improvement and economizing of testing.<>

Subjet_terms :
power semiconductor devices; overcurrent protection; electric
fuses; current limiters; semiconductor device testing; surge
protection; subcycle Irms/sup 2/t ratings; power semiconductor
devices; current limiting fuses; subcycle surge current ratings;
fuse selection; half sine waves; triangular waves; current
interruption; thyristors; rectifier diodes; finite spreading
rate; turned on region; proof testing; state of the art

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