R. RODRIGUES, D.E. PICCONE, A. HUANG, R. De DONCKER, "A Very High Voltage, Large Area MTOtm (MOS Turn Off Thyristor) for PEBB Applications", GOMAC '97, 10-13 March 1997, 12 pages.
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Titre : R. RODRIGUES, D.E. PICCONE, A. HUANG, R. De DONCKER, A Very High Voltage, Large Area MTOtm (MOS Turn Off Thyristor) for PEBB Applications, GOMAC '97, 10-13 March 1997, 12 pages.

Cité dans : [DATA042] Recherche sur l'auteur Istvan SOMOS, mars 2000.
Auteur : Rogério Rodrigues (1)
Auteur : Dante Piccone (1)
Auteur : Alex Huang (2)
Auteur : Rik De Doncker (3)
(1) Silicon Power Corporation (SPCO) 175 Great Valley Parkway, Malvern, PA 19355-1321
Phone: (610) 407-4700 (xt.352) Fax: (610) 407-4711
(2) Virginia Power Electronics Center of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
(3) Formerly with SPCO, presently with ISEA, RWTH, Aachen, Germany

Info : Government Microcircuit Applications Conference, GOMAC '97
Date : 10-13 March 1997
Lieu : Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada (Session 13)
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
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Abstract :
The MTOtm (MOS Turn Off Thyristor), an SPCO replacement of the GTO (Gate Turn Off Thyristor), is a
MOSFET-GTO hybrid for power conversion in the 1 to 20 MVA range. The MTOtm thyristor is significantly
more efficient than the GTO by requiring a drastically smaller gate drive while simultaneously
reducing storage time, thus providing improved performance at the device and system levels. While
other power bipolar-MOS devices are believed to have a ceiling of diminishing returns above 3kV,
the design rules for voltage blocking applicable to the MTOtm are similar to those used for other
thyristors which presently achieve 9kV. In addition, the MTOtm thyristor easily lends itself to
conventional double-side-cooled packaging. This paper discusses results of numerical simulations for
a 53mm, 4.5kV hybrid MTOtm thyristor in conjunction with results of measurements made on
experimental 4.5k and 6kV devices.

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