L.H. CHANG, W.A. ANDERSON, "Stability of BaTiO3 thin films on Si", 1994.
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Info : INSPEC Answer Number 48 - 22/02/2000

Titre : L.H. CHANG, W.A. ANDERSON, Stability of BaTiO3 thin films on Si, 1994.

Cité dans : [DATA035] Recherche sur les mots clés thermal + fatigue + semiconductor et reliability + thermal + cycle, mars 2004.
Cité dans :[PAP360]
Auteur : Chang, L.H.
Auteur : Anderson, W.A. (Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., State Univ. of New York, Buffalo, NY, USA)

Source : Applied Surface Science
Date : Feb. 1996
Volume : 92, p.52-6. 8 refs.
Price : CCCC 0169-4332/96/$15.00, Published by: Elsevier
CODEN : ASUSEE ISSN: 0169-4332
SICI : 0169-4332(199602)92L.52:SBTF;1-8
Conference : Seventh International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces. Hsinchu, Taiwan, 12-16 Dec 1994
Document_Type : Conference Article; Journal
Treatment_Code : Application; Practical; Experimental
Info : Country of Publication : Netherlands
Language : English
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU

Abstract :
A very high quality BaTiO3/p-Si interface and BaTiO3 insulator gates
with high dielectric constant and low leakage current were produced
by RF magnetron sputtering of BaTiO3 on (100) p-Si at a substrate
temperature of 500 degrees C, followed by in situ annealing at 500
degrees C for 10 min. The reliability of the dielectric, however,
plays an important role in determining the practical usage of
ferroelectric random access memory applications. Thermal treatment
of Au/BaTiO3/Si capacitors at 150 degrees C for 800 h showed no
change of leakage current and a slight increase in leakage from
1.1*10-9 A/cm2 for the as-deposited BaTiO3 to 1.8*10-9 A/cm2 for the
samples after 1000 h at a field of 1.3*105 V/cm. The effects of
fatigue were also studied and found to not affect the electrical and
charge properties of BaTiO3 on Si for 1010 cycles of fatigue.

Accession_Number : 1996:5271240

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