J. KOHALMI, "Ageing of semiconductors. Check tests gained from experience with M.S.R.(MAV) rectifier locomotives", 1970.
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Article : [SHEET157]

Info : INSPEC Answer Number 133 - 22/02/2000

Titre : J. KOHALMI, Ageing of semiconductors. Check tests gained from experience with M.S.R.(MAV) rectifier locomotives, 1970.

Cité dans : [DATA035] Recherche sur les mots clés thermal + fatigue + semiconductor et reliability + thermal + cycle, mars 2004.
Auteur : Kohalmi, J. (MAV: Hungarian State Railways, Budapest, Hungary)

Source : Conference on power electronics (summaries) Budapest, Hungary: Magyar Elektrotechnikai Egyesulet,
Date : 1970
Pages : p.1 pp. of 40 pp.
Conference : Budapest, Hungary, 25-27 Nov 1970
Sponsor(s) : Hungarian electrotech. Assoc
Document_Type : Conference Article
Treatment_Code : Practical
Info : Country of Publication : Hungary
Language : English

Abstract :
semiconductor diodes takes place in 3 ways increase of reverse
current; thermal fatigue and irregularities of the outer surface.
Considering the high number of diodes applied, it was necessary to
elaborate simple test methods which could be carried out on the
locomotive itself, in the interest of detecting the phenomena and
taking preventive measures. Measurements on the locomotive are
completed by test-room examinations carried out at random.

Accession_Number : 1971:261505

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