L. TONG, T. CHING-HAN, K. SUNG-MO, "Efficient transient electrothermal simulation of CMOS VLSI circuits under electrical overstress"
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Titre : L. TONG, T. CHING-HAN, K. SUNG-MO, Efficient transient electrothermal simulation of CMOS VLSI circuits under electrical overstress

Auteurs : Tong Li; Ching-Han Tsai; Sung-Mo Kang - Div. of Anal. Product, Avant! Corp., USA

Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
Lien : private/TONGLI.pdf - 6 pages, 593 Ko.
Appears : Computer-Aided Design, 1998. ICCAD 98. Digest of Technical Papers. 1998 IEEE/ACM International Conference on
Page : 6 - 11
Date : 8-12 Nov. 1998
ISBN : 1-58113-008-2, IEEE Catalog Number: 98CB36287, Total Pages: xxii+704
Reference_cited : 18
Accession_Number : 6127624

Abstract :
Accurate simulation of transient device thermal behavior is
essential to predict CMOS VLSI circuit failures under electrical
overstress (EOS). In this paper, we present an efficient
transient electrothermal simulator that is built upon a
SPICE-like engine. The transient device temperature is estimated
by the convolution of the device power dissipation and its
thermal impulse response which can be derived an analytical
solution of the heat diffusion equation. New fast thermal
simulation techniques are proposed including a
regionwise-exponential (RWE) approximation of thermal impulse
response and recursive convolution scheme. The recursive
convolution provides a significant performance improvement over
the numerical convolution by orders of magnitude, making it
computationally feasible to simulate CMOS circuits with many

Subjet_terms :
electrostatic discharge; transient electrothermal simulation;
CMOS VLSI circuits; electrical overstress; transient device
thermal behavior; electrothermal simulator; SPICE-like engine;
thermal simulation; thermal impulse response; recursive
convolution scheme; CMOS circuits

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