Y. TAKAHASHI, K. YOSHIKAWA, T. KOGA, M. SOUTOME, T. TAKANO, H. KIRIHATA, Y. SEKI, "Ultra high-power 2.5 kV-1800 A power pack IGBT", ISPSD'97.
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Titre : Y. TAKAHASHI, K. YOSHIKAWA, T. KOGA, M. SOUTOME, T. TAKANO, H. KIRIHATA, Y. SEKI, Ultra high-power 2.5 kV-1800 A power pack IGBT, ISPSD'97.

Cité dans : [PAP071]  A.A. JAECKLIN, Integration of power components - State of the art and trends, proceeding of EPE'97, Trondheim, 1997, vol. 1, pp. 1.001-1.006.
Cité dans : [CONF007] ISPSD, Internationnal Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & Integrated Circuits
Auteurs : Takahashi, Y.; Yoshikawa, K.; Koga, T.; Soutome, M.; Takano, T.; - Kirihata, H.; Seki, Y. Fuji Electr. Corp. Res. & Dev. Ltd., Matsumoto, Japan

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Lien : private/KOGA2.pdf - 4 pages, 481 Ko.
Appears : in Power Semiconductor Devices and IC's, 1997. ISPSD '97., 1997 IEEE International Symposium on
Pages : 233 - 236
Date : 26-29 May 1997
ISBN : 0-7803-3993-2, IEEE Catalog Number: 97CH36086, Total Pages: 375
Reference_cited : 7
Accession_Number : 5703925

Abstract :
The Power Pack IGBT has been tested in detail under several
practical inverter systems and has obtained much useful data.
Using this data and advanced technology, we have improved some
items and finally developed an ultra high-power 2.5 kV-1800 A
Power Pack IGBT (flat-packaged Reverse Conducting IGBT). One of
the important improvements is the contact technology for the IGBT
chip, and another is the electric discharge capability of the
IGBT and diode chips. In addition to these important
improvements, using our original 27.5/spl times/27.5mm/sup 2/
large IGBT and diode chips, and square flat package structure, we
have achieved a compact and powerful device. The saturation
voltage is 4.5 V at the collector current of 1800A and Tj=125/spl
deg/C. The on-state voltage of the diode part is 3.5 V at the
anode current of 1800 A and Tj=125/spl deg/C. The turn-off
capability is over 4000A at the peak collector voltage of 2400 V.
In this paper, the device structure, the chip technology, the
parallel connection technology inside the package, the high
blocking voltage capability, and other important experimental
results are described.

Subjet_terms :
insulated gate bipolar transistors; power pack IGBT; inverter
systems; flat-packaged reverse conducting device; contact
technology; electric discharge capability; square flat package
structure; saturation voltage; collector current; on-state
voltage; turn-off capability; peak collector voltage; parallel
connection technology; blocking voltage capability; 2.5 kV;
1800 A; 4.5 V; 125 degC; 3.5 V

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