L. LORENZ, "IGBT-state of the art and future development", PCIM'93 Europe, Nuremberg, Germany, pp. 240-622-624, 22-24 June 1993.
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Titre : L. LORENZ, IGBT-state of the art and future development, PCIM'93 Europe, Nuremberg, Germany, pp. 240-622-624, 22-24 June 1993.

Cité dans :[99DIV127] Recherche sur l'auteur Leo LORENZ, janvier 2000.
Auteur : Leo Lorenz, (Semicond. Group, Siemens AG, Munich, Germany)

Source : PCIM'93 Europe. Official Proceedings of the Twentysixth International Power Conversion Conference
Lieu : Nurnberg, Germany: ZM Commun, 1993.
Pages : 240 à 246 of viii+528 pp.
Date : 22-24 June 1993
ISBN : 3-928643-05-3
Info : Country of Publication : Germany - Language : English
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU

Abstract :
With its IGBT range and IGBT development, Siemens can offer a
complete MOS-controlled switch concept for the voltage range 56
V lower voltage range is covered by the SIPMOS transistors, the upper
range by the IGBTs. The IGBTs are characterized by extreme
ruggedness and at the same time low overall losses and minimal
variation in electrical data. Due to the large SOAs of these IGBTs,
the drive and protection concepts have been simplified. The package
range covers the current range 5 A high-current range, special measures have been taken to minimize
module inductance and in the high voltage range the necessary air
gap and leakage paths have been provided. Further development is
directed at implementing optimized IGBTs for the 600 V range and
making even more effective switches available at 1200 V in terms of
power losses. With further development towards the SMART module
using proven Siemens SMART technology, modules will be implemented
which will provide the user with rugged, self-protecting components
with a direct interface to microelectronics.

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