J.-M. PETER, I. RATES, "A new family of intelligent drivers", Informazione Elettronica (Oct. 1986) vol.14, no.10, p.53-7.
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Titre : J.-M. PETER, I. RATES, A new family of intelligent drivers, Informazione Elettronica (Oct. 1986) vol.14, no.10, p.53-7.

Cité dans : [DATA004] Recherche sur l'auteur Jean Marie PETER, janvier 2000.
Auteur : Peter, J.M.; Rates, I.

Source : Informazione Elettronica (Oct. 1986) vol.14, no.10, p.53-7. 0 refs.
CODEN : INELDX ISSN: 0390-2455
Info : Country of Publication : Italy
Language : Italian

Abstract :
The use of drivers in load control applications is becoming more
necessary. The paper shows their characteristics and the modes of
operation of a new controller family with inbuilt protection. The
fundamental concepts of this type of controller are given and
comparative configurations are given for standard and new Thomson
TDE 1647 controllers. Interactive components employed and protection
against short circuits are explained. A number of schematics and
curves illustrate the text-feed voltage limitation, inductive loads,
earth disconnections, and devices for high power. The last sections
cover fields of application and likely future developments.

Accession_Number : 1987:2878163

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