J.-M. PETER, "Power components-good look at the function leads to cost reduction", Mesures (7 March 1988) vol.53, no.3, p.27-8, 30-3.
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Titre : J.-M. PETER, Power components-good look at the function leads to cost reduction, Mesures (7 March 1988) vol.53, no.3, p.27-8, 30-3.

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Auteur : Jean-Marie Peter

Source : Mesures vol.53, no.3.
Pages : 27 à 33 (27-28, 30-3).
Date : 7 March 1988
ISSN : 0755-219X
Info : Country of Publication : France
Language : French

Abstract :
Reviews smart power components. Those already developed for V<100 V
and I<5 A are based on loss reduction through auxiliary converter in
series with the Darlington, or on the BCD technology; the voltage
drop at nominal current is reduced from 2.2 to 0.5 V and the power
loss to a quarter. Semiconductor switches for V<100 V and I>5 A for
motor car multiplexing are in development. For high voltages, V>350
V, it is already possible to integrate on the same chip 400 V
bipolar or MOS transistors and complex functions at the signal
level. Darlington MOS-chip is described in some detail. The IGT
transistor is expected to be ready in 1988. Thyristors for up to 5
kV and 1500 A, 700 V/3-40 A triacs for direct microprocessor
control, and asymmetrical thyristors 20-2000 kW and 15-20 kHz are in
development. GTO components, operating under enforced switching
conditions, can combine very rapid blocking with zero current

Accession_Number : 1988:3170812
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