J.-M. PETER, "Intelligent power integrated circuits", Power Semiconductor Devices and Circuits, 26-27 Sept 1991, p.271-290 .
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Titre : J.-M. PETER, Intelligent power integrated circuits, Power Semiconductor Devices and Circuits, 26-27 Sept 1991, p.271-290 .

Cité dans : [DATA004] Recherche sur l'auteur Jean Marie PETER, janvier 2000.
Auteur : Peter, J.-M. (SGS-Thomson Microelectron., Rousset, France)

Source : Power Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
Editor : Jaecklin, A.A., New York, NY, USA: Plenum Press, 1992.
Pages : p.271-90 of xiii+393 pp. 8 refs.
Conference : Baden-Dattwil, Switzerland, 26-27 Sept 1991
Info : Country of Publication : United States - Language : English

Abstract :
The intelligent power IC, alternatively called 'smart power' is a
device, which integrates data processing and power functions in one
chip. Some present limitations on smart power technology are as
follows: maximum economic switchable power, approximately 3 kVA
today and a bit more in the next few years; and maximum voltage 600
V today, 1200 V in the future. It will be possible to obtain
(economically) monolithic integration of some components or some
important functions such as galvanic isolation. The evolution will
go in two different directions: complete systems on one chip; and
improved discrete components. This important evolution is just
starting and will lead to many new 'improved discrete' components.

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