IEEE Transactions on "Industrial Electronics", Volume 51, Issue 2, April 2004.
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Revue : [REVUE518]

Titre : IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Volume 51, Issue 2, April 2004.

Cité dans : [DIV369]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, novembre 2005.

Volume : 51
Issue : 2
Date : April 2004

Table of contents
Pages : c1- 253
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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics publication information
Pages : c2- c2
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Guest Editorial
Hung, J.Y.; Hung, S.T.
Pages : 254- 256
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Parking Maneuvers of Industrial-Like Electrical Vehicles With and Without Trailer
Cuesta, F.; Gomez-Bravo, F.; Ollero, A.
Pages : 257- 269
[PDF Full-Text (912 KB)]

The Use of GPS for Vehicle Stability Control Systems
Daily, R.; Bevly, D.M.
Pages : 270- 277
[PDF Full-Text (464 KB)]

Virtual Sensor: Application to Vehicle Sideslip Angle and Transversal Forces
Stephant, J.; Charara, A.; Meizel, D.
Pages : 278- 289
[PDF Full-Text (720 KB)]

A Sensorless Optimal Control System for an Automotive Electric Power Assist Steering System
Parmar, M.; Hung, J.Y.
Pages : 290- 298
[PDF Full-Text (320 KB)]

Control of a Camless Engine Electromechanical Actuator: Position Reconstruction and Dynamic Performance Analysis
Montanari, M.; Ronchi, F.; Rossi, C.; Tonielli, A.
Pages : 299- 311
[PDF Full-Text (448 KB)]

Dual-Inverter Control Strategy for High-Speed Operation of EV Induction Motors
Kim, J.; Jung, J.; Nam, K.
Pages : 312- 320
[PDF Full-Text (472 KB)]

Recent Advances in Mining Haul Trucks
Koellner, W.G.; Brown, G.M.; Rodriguez, J.; Pontt, J.; Cortes, P.; Miranda, H.
Pages : 321- 329
[PDF Full-Text (360 KB)]

Model Reference Adaptive Predictive Control for a Variable-Frequency Oil-Cooling Machine
Tsai, C.-C.; Huang, C.-H.
Pages : 330- 339
[PDF Full-Text (360 KB)]

Discontinuous controller for power systems: sliding-mode block control approach
Loukianov, A.G.; Canedo, J.M.; Utkin, V.I.; Cabrera-Vazquez, J.
Pages : 340- 353
[PDF Full-Text (648 KB)]

Variable Structure Control of a Piezoelectric Actuator for a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Bonnail, N.; Tonneau, D.; Jandard, F.; Capolino, G.-A.; Dallaporta, H.
Pages : 354- 363
[PDF Full-Text (536 KB)]

Second-Order Sliding-Mode Control of DC Drives
Damiano, A.; Gatto, G.L.; Marongiu, I.; Pisano, A.
Pages : 364- 373
[PDF Full-Text (552 KB)]

Hybrid Excitation of SRM for Reduction of Vibration and Acoustic Noise
Ahn, J.-W.; Park, S.-J.; Lee, D.-H.
Pages : 374- 380
[PDF Full-Text (560 KB)]

Research on Precision Tension Control System Based on Neural Network
Wang, C.; Wang, Y.; Yang, R.; Lu, H.
Pages : 381- 386
[PDF Full-Text (272 KB)]

TP Model Transformation as a Way to LMI-Based Controller Design
Baranyi, P.
Pages : 387- 400
[PDF Full-Text (464 KB)]

An Adaptive Controller in Stationary Reference Frame for D-Statcom in Unbalanced Operation
Escobar, G.; Stankovic, A.M.; Mattavelli, P.
Pages : 401- 409
[PDF Full-Text (472 KB)]

A comparative study of maximum-power-point trackers for photovoltaic panels using switching-frequency modulation scheme
Tse, K.K.; Ho, B.M.T.; Chung, H.S.-H.; Hui, S.Y.R.
Pages : 410- 418
[PDF Full-Text (480 KB)]

Current Distribution Control Design for Paralleled DC/DC Converters Using Sliding-Mode Control
Lopez, M.L.; de Vacuna, L.G.; Castilla, M.; Gaya, P.; Lopez, O.
Pages : 419- 428
[PDF Full-Text (480 KB)]

Linear Control Design for a Current-Injection-Based Three-Phase Unity-Power-Factor Rectifier
Kanaan, H.Y.; Fortin-Blanchette, H.; Al-Haddad, K.; Chaffai, R.; Duguay, L.; Fnaiech, F.
Pages : 429- 438
[PDF Full-Text (808 KB)]

Fault-Tolerant Voltage-Fed PWM Inverter AC Motor Drive Systems
de Araujo Ribeiro, R.L.; Jacobina, C.B.; da Silva, E.R.C.; Lima, A.M.N.
Pages : 439- 446
[PDF Full-Text (344 KB)]

Simple Direct Power Control of Three-Phase PWM Rectifier Using Space-Vector Modulation (DPC-SVM)
Malinowski, M.; Jasinski, M.; Kazmierkowski, M.P.
Pages : 447- 454
[PDF Full-Text (744 KB)]

One-Cycle Control of Three-Phase Active Power Filter With Vector Operation
Qiao, C.; Jin, T.; MaSmedley, K.
Pages : 455- 463
[PDF Full-Text (512 KB)]

On Interpretation of Graffiti Digits and Characters for eBooks: Neural-Fuzzy Network and Genetic Algorithm Approach
Leung, K.F.; Leung, F.H.F.; Lam, H.K.; Ling, S.H.
Pages : 464- 471
[PDF Full-Text (896 KB)]

FPGA Realization of a Neural-Network-Based Nonlinear Channel Equalizer
Yen, C.T.; Weng, W.; Lin, Y.T.
Pages : 472- 479
[PDF Full-Text (912 KB)]

Detection of Foreign Bodies in Food by Thermal Image Processing
Ginesu, G.; Giusto, D.D.; Margner, V.; Meinlschmidt, P.
Pages : 480- 490
[PDF Full-Text (792 KB)]

Friction Modeling and Compensation for Haptic Display Based on Support Vector Machine
Bi, D.; Li, Y.F.; Tso, S.K.; Wang, G.L.
Pages : 491- 500
[PDF Full-Text (280 KB)]

Selection of Display Devices Used at Man–Machine Interfaces Based on Human Factors
Muraoka, T.; Ikeda, H.
Pages : 501- 506
[PDF Full-Text (304 KB)]

An online identification method for both stator resistance and back-EMF coefficient of PMSMs without rotational transducers
Kyu-Wang Lee; Doo-Hee Jung; In-Joong Ha
Pages : 507- 510
[PDF Full-Text (224 KB)]

A Magnitude/Phase-Locked Loop System Based on Estimation of Frequency and In-Phase/Quadrature-Phase Amplitudes
Karimi-Ghartemani, M.; Karimi, H.; Iravani, M.R.
Pages : 511- 517
[PDF Full-Text (576 KB)]

Calculation of the Resonant Capacitor of the Improved Current-Doubler-Rectifier ZVS PWM Full-Bridge Converter
Ruan, X.; Wang, J.
Pages : 518- 520
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Sensorless control of AC machines
Pages : 521- 521
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Leading the field since 1884
Pages : 522- 522
[PDF Full-Text (232 KB)]

IEEE Member Digital Library
Pages : 523- 523
[PDF Full-Text (192 KB)]

Quality without compromise
Pages : 524- 524
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IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Information
Pages : c3- c3
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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics information for authors
Pages : c4- c4
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