IEEE Transactions on "Industrial Electronics", Volume 51, Issue 1, February 2004.
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Revue : [REVUE517]

Titre : IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Volume 51, Issue 1, February 2004.

Cité dans : [DIV369]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, novembre 2005.

Volume : 51
Issue : 1
Date : February 2004

Table of Contents
Pages : 0_1- 0_1
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Transactions on Industrial Electronics publication information
Pages : 0_2- 0_2
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Message from the Editor-in-Chief
Kazmierkowski, M.P.
Pages : 2- 2
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IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Awards—2003 Presented at the 29th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Roanoke, VA, November 2–6, 2003
Pages : 3- 4
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Advanced Control of Induction Motor Based on Load Angle Estimation
Abu-Rub, H.; Guzinski, J.; Krzeminski, Z.; Toliyat, H.A.
Pages : 5- 14
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Position Control of a Sensorless Synchronous Reluctance Motor
Chen, C.-G.; Liu, T.-H.; Lin, M.-T.; Tai, C.-A.
Pages : 15- 25
[PDF Full-Text (488 KB)]

Robust Position Control of a Magnetic Levitation System via Dynamic Surface Control Technique
Yang, Z.-J.; Miyazaki, K.; Kanae, S.; Wada, K.
Pages : 26- 34
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Implementation of LLCC-Resonant Driving Circuit and Adaptive CMAC Neural Network Control for Linear Piezoelectric Ceramic Motor
Peng, Y.-F.; Wai, R.-J.; Lin, C.-M.
Pages : 35- 48
[PDF Full-Text (944 KB)]

High-Performance Speed Measurement by Suppression of Systematic Resolver and Encoder Errors
Bunte, A.; Beineke, S.
Pages : 49- 53
[PDF Full-Text (216 KB)]

The ZVS-PWM Active-Clamping CUK Converter
Costa, D.B.; Duarte, C.M.C.
Pages : 54- 60
[PDF Full-Text (296 KB)]

Wavelet Modeling of Motor Drives Applied to the Calculation of Motor Terminal Overvoltages
Liu, J.; Pillay, P.; Douglas, H.
Pages : 61- 66
[PDF Full-Text (400 KB)]

Control and Performance of a Self-Commutated GTO Converter Operating in Parallel With Line-Commutated Thyristor Converters
Tamai, S.; Murakami, S.; Uchida, R.; Akagi, H.
Pages : 67- 73
[PDF Full-Text (424 KB)]

A Control Circuit for a Microsensor Hybrid Power Supply
Bennett, D.M.; Selfridge, R.H.; Harb, J.N.; Comer, D.T.
Pages : 74- 80
[PDF Full-Text (296 KB)]

A Simple Energy Recovery Circuit for High-Power Inverters With Complete Turn-On and Turn-Off Snubbers
He, X.; Deng, Y.; Williams, B.W.; Finney, S.J.; Qian, Z.
Pages : 81- 88
[PDF Full-Text (320 KB)]

An Improved ZCT-PWM DC–DC Converter for High-Power and Frequency Applications
Bodur, H.; Bakan, A.F.
Pages : 89- 95
[PDF Full-Text (392 KB)]

Three-Phase Synchronous PWM for Flyback Converter With Power-Factor Correction Using FPGA ASIC Design
Omar, A.M.; Rahim, N.A.; Mekhilef, S.
Pages : 96- 106
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A Comparison of External and Internal Methods of Signal Spectral Analysis for Broken Rotor Bars Detection in Induction Motors
Eltabach, M.; Charara, A.; Zein, I.
Pages : 107- 121
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Study of Output Power Variation Due to Component Tolerances in$LC_sC_p$Resonant Inverters Applied to HPS Lamp Control
Branas, C.; Azcondo, F.J.; Bracho, S.
Pages : 122- 131
[PDF Full-Text (472 KB)]

Control of Series Active Power Filters Compensating for Source Voltage Unbalance and Current Harmonics
Lee, G.-M.; Lee, D.-C.; Seok, J.-K.
Pages : 132- 139
[PDF Full-Text (496 KB)]

Design and Implementation of Low-Profile Contactless Battery Charger Using Planar Printed Circuit Board Windings as Energy Transfer Device
Choi, B.; Nho, J.; Cha, H.; Ahn, T.; Choi, S.
Pages : 140- 147
[PDF Full-Text (528 KB)]

Power Transfer Capability and Bifurcation Phenomena of Loosely Coupled Inductive Power Transfer Systems
Wang, C.-S.; Covic, G.A.; Stielau, O.H.
Pages : 148- 157
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Evaluation of Modulation Schemes for Three-Phase to Three-Phase Matrix Converters
Helle, L.; Larsen, K.B.; Jorgensen, A.H.; Munk-Nielsen, S.; Blaabjerg, F.
Pages : 158- 171
[PDF Full-Text (1080 KB)]

Optimal and Stable Fuzzy Controllers for Nonlinear Systems Based on an Improved Genetic Algorithm
Leung, F.H.F.; Lam, H.K.; Ling, S.H.; Tam, P.K.S.
Pages : 172- 182
[PDF Full-Text (376 KB)]

Induction Machine Fault Detection Using SOM-Based RBF Neural Networks
Wu, S.; Chow, T.W.S.
Pages : 183- 194
[PDF Full-Text (632 KB)]

Pre-Posed Configuration of Flexible Redundant Robot Manipulators for Impact Vibration Alleviating
Xu, W.L.; Yue, S.
Pages : 195- 200
[PDF Full-Text (456 KB)]

Intelligent Optimal Control of Single-Link Flexible Robot Arm
Wai, R.-J.; Lee, M.-C.
Pages : 201- 220
[PDF Full-Text (1144 KB)]

Human Cooperative Wheelchair for Haptic Interaction Based on Dual Compliance Control
Katsura, S.; Ohnishi, K.
Pages : 221- 228
[PDF Full-Text (456 KB)]

Human-Following Mobile Robot in a Distributed Intelligent Sensor Network
Morioka, K.; Lee, J-H.; Hashimoto, H.
Pages : 229- 237
[PDF Full-Text (520 KB)]

On Comparison of Hybrid Fuzzy PI Plus Conventional D Controller Versus Fuzzy PI$+$D Controller
Sooraksa, P.; Chen, G.
Pages : 238- 239
[PDF Full-Text (144 KB)]

Enhancement of Matrix Converter Output Waveform Quality Using Minimized Commutation Times
Wheeler, P.W.; Clare, J.; Empringham, L.
Pages : 240- 244
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A Minor Correction to “A New Algorithm for Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control Using Fast Output Sampling Feedback”
Saaj, C.M.; Bandyopadhyay, B.; Unbehauen, H.
Pages : 244- 246
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Pages : 248- 248
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IEEE Member Digital Library
Pages : 249- 249
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Proceedings of the IEEE celebrating 92 years of in-depth coverage on emerging technologies
Pages : 250- 250
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IEEE Copyright Form
Pages : 251- 252
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Transactions on Industrial Applications society information
Pages : 0_3- 0_3
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Transactions on Industrial Electronics Society information for authors
Pages : 0_4- 0_4
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